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Okay, so I'll start with this, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I hate my E4OD so it's got to go... I've done automatic swaps before, but the idea of swapping to a manual confuses me... I know the basics of manual transmissions, but I've never touched a ZF5 before or done a clutch change, so I'm very confused and don't want to break anything...

Here's what I have so far:

•S5-47 2WD out of a '96 F-250 PSD
•crossmember from same truck
•flywheel and clutch kit K1944-2SK
•master and slave cylinder assembly (prefilled, pre-bled)
•bolt-on doghouse from a '95 F-150
•clutch/brake pedal assembly from same truck

I know that it's hard to change a 2wd ZF5 to 4x4 so I plan on running a divorced NP205 from a '76 Highboy, mounting the T-case in the exact middle of the axles so no matter what I end up doing for a lift, the driveshafts will always be the same

I do have a Military/Off-Road shop that will custom make driveshafts for me, $85 a peice so I'm okay as far as they go..

I know that when I pull the E4OD I will have to leave the Transmission Range Sensor plugged into the harness and ziptie it into either neutral or park so the truck will start... I know my reverse lights won't work, but I have a solution that, I have a toggle switch that I'll use...

I know how to change the flexplate for flywheel, but then I'm lost until it comes time to line the tranny up and bolt it to the block.... i believe it goes pilot bearing pressed into flywheel, then clutch with flywheel side facing flywheel, and then release bearing pressed onto the other side, then the pressure plate/clutch cover, and then the fork holding the other end of the release bearing....

Can anyone confirm that this is what I need to do so I don't break anything? I don't wanna end up pressing something that I shouldn't have, thanks guys, sorry for being such a newbie
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