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I was driving home tuesday from work in the rain and the pickup just stalled while i was driving along. It cranks over good but won't fire. DP chip was still lit up but my edge scanner says the key was off even when on so i figured IDM. Swapped idm's and still no change. Relay #2 under the hood was ticking several times per second when the key was on. Fuel bowl was full of fuel as well. Had to get it towed.

Mechanic says he's baffled, his scanner reads that the HPO is good, cps is good, icp is good, ipr is good. Said he's getting smoke from the exhaust but it won't fire. Had the VCs off and checked wiring and verified it was fine but didn't do a compression test while the VCs were off. He has no clue what is wrong with it.

HELP ME PLEASE...i am working over 8 hrs from home and this is my only vehicle here...anyone have any ideas what may be causing this? I wouldn't think it would be a compression problem since nothing catastrophic seemed to have occurred when it stalled...any great ideas please call 419-438-5688

Thanks for the help
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