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97 7.3 Engine Problems

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97 F250 7.3

To start off I have had this truck for over 4 years and love it so much. Never have had any major issues. Has 218,000 miles on it.

About 3 months ago we noticed a lope when I would start my truck. I changed the CAM Sensor and it seemed to clear up. The past 2 months on a rare occasion it now will fall on its face, loose petal response, die when driving. (All in this order at the same time) I have just replaced the fuel filter today to see if that helped but I will not know until after I drive it tomorrow when it is warm out. This usually happens when it is around the 90 degree temperature outside and my transmission temperature reaches the 175-179 temperature. No check engine light comes on.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue (and or) know the fix or what the issue could be.

Thank You For Your Time and Help.
This is my first post thread and reach out for help.

Thank You Again
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Where did you get the CPS from? A lot of people have bought the parts store CPS only to have them last a couple months. I wouldn't think it would be an ICP sensor but to unplugging it to check for oil in the pigtail takes 30 seconds so check that out. No check engine light doesn't mean no codes. Soft codes can still be thrown and you wouldn't know. Have access to a quality scanner?
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We bought the CPS from our local Autozone. We have heard of that also that they do go bad. I will also check the ICP Sensor just in case, and no we do not have access to a quality scanner. I would have to have my Uncle ship his from California. Our local stores here will not attach one to our truck because the check engine light is not on. And I have been told by them my truck can not hook up to them because its to old.
Just to see if it will pull code tell them the light came on than went off and you think it might have stored a code. A 97 is OBDII so I have no clue why they're telling you it's to old to hook up. If it's because they couldn't find the connector on the drivers side, well that's because it's on the passenger side. Keep in mind though that the parts store scanner will only pull some of the codes. Before you went through the trouble of having your uncle ship his scanner to you I would probably just grab another CPS from the dealer or order one and see if that does anything for you.
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