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97 E350 Work Toy

We finally finished outfitting our Incident Response has been a side project for almost a year now.
We got the truck for free from the fire dpt (they had an old ambulance in their garage). Most of the equipment we mounted inside was acquired through LESO. The only thing we had to pay for was the striping.

The truck ran a little on the rough side when we first picked her up. I have been tinkering with her a little and finally got her running great again. I ran some 2-stroke oil through her for a few tanks and she is purring smooth.
Im trying to get the Sheriff to spring for some more important mods. Mainly an external transmission filter (like off of dieselsite).
On the plus side she has 4.10LS rear...for what it's worth.

Pics or it didnt happen!

Dont get AIC/ACPM envy...

Oh NOES!!! No batteries hahaha

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