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I have a 96 f350, pretty much bone stock.

Noticed it running rough at idle the other day, also noticed some white smoke out of the exhaust.

Pulled into the driveway and started to see oil dripping from the trans, about the size of your open hand, there were some oil drips in a few other spots as well.

Valley is dry, i replaced pressure hoses a couple of years ago after loosing all the oil on the freeway.

Most of the oil appears to be dripping from on top of the trans.
Washed it all off, changed oil and filter and ran the truck.

Here is what I am seeing....

What I call blow by coming from under the turbo area, I have not gotten under there yet with a mirror....maybe later today.

I noticed oil coming out of the repaired oil dipstick tube area going into the oil pan. I pulled the dipstick tube out and the oil filler cap and it seems to me that there is a fair amount of blow by coming out of these holes also, ALTHOUGH I had never looked at these before with the engine running.

Turbo does not make any noise and seems to be functioning fine.

I am going to pull off the tubes/pipes going into and out of turbo today to see if there is a lot of oil or any oil in there.

Advice would be appreciated. Mechanical knowledge is somewhat limited:doh:

I have read though quite a few threads and I am starting to worry about some major issues.....
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