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95 E-350 Club Wagon Intermittent starting --HELP!

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I have '95 E350 7.3 PS That is having intermittent starting problems. 250,000 mi
The reservoir for the HP pump periodically drains. I may go weeks without a problem, or it may be the day after I drive it. It will start on starting fluid and run fine after oil pressure comes up sometimes. The motor was rebuilt after a cracked cylinder, and shortly after that it started with this problem.

Last weekend, it would not start for the first time and I had to add a 1.5 Qt oil to the HP reservoir in order to get it to started. The problem is definitely keeping oil in the HP reservoir, if it is full it starts.

My question is what controls this reservoir. Is there a check valve somwhere?
My FORD dealer where the van is at, says that Ford "THINKS" it is the solonoid assembly (about $500) or a cracked front cover. I would think that a cracked cover would allow it to drain everytime, not intermittently. They won't guarantee the solonoid will fix it.

It is at the dealer and I need to give them a decision the first of the week.
I want some input before throwing money at it.ASAP
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