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like the title said...

the icp reading on my genesis scanner overrides to 725psi after a few moments(i get good psi signal before the psi gets too high)
ipr% less than 10% and 5% when 4k psi(see below)

at start hpo psi is at 1500, then after 5-10 seconds it get up to 2500 then 3000 then 4000.... then the engines is getting rough idle

disconnected the IPR still the same, disconnected ICP still the same!

HPOP have been changed because of previous failure(no pressure) replaced the IPR second time(3 weeks ago no start, ipr failure)

new hpop, ipr, icp.

tried a PCM and IDM set new no changes...

wiggled connectors and wiring no changes

i saw some metal chips on the ipr when the hpop failed....
whats next?

i have mitchell on demand, genesis scanner, and mechanical gauche(6k psi) on driver side hydraulic hose

called a experienced 7.3 tech from ADF in quebec and did same tests, he was like wtf !!
he then said the injectors must be clogged from the metal chips from the hpop failure

removed them today, took me 1hour :)

gonna go get them tested monday

any advices, experiences, or something to check?

i was wondering how to flush the oil from the hpo system in the head...

i removed the 4 plugs to drain the oil before removing the injectors...

any tricks to get the fuel and oil out from the cylinders now ?
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