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This is my first post here . I have a 93-94 model E-350 C&C bus . I have had this ford for over 4 years . It was left at my shop five years ago when a customer wouldn't pay the bill . I have closed my shop since then .
The motor was started around two years ago and ran real good and drove
good too . It did have a small oil leak I think it's the oil filter or cooler o-rings .
I had put a new starter and glow plug module on it . I checked it recently and the radiator was still full and coolant is of a good color and the oil level was still ok . I would like to sell it for parts or whom ever buys it could more than likely get a abandoned title . I am in the Birmingham , Al. area and can get pictures of bus if someone is interested ? I could also have the motor pulled forn a fee . I would like to get 750 but I'm open to offers or trades .

I have posted in the wrong forum and can't figure how to delete this post maybe the moderator will delte it for me .
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