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ok im going another route with a project car. and i have ALOT of good parts. pm me what your interested in and we can talk price. mind you im not in the biggest hurry to sell so dont low ball the hell out of me.

car 91 gt. i have a complete car will sell as is for the right price. needs put togther.

fresh t5
good bellhousing
have a fresh 308 with good pistons. stock rods and crank. tfs1 cam
it is a long block and will sell at right price or split and part out
motor has new rings new bearings new timing chane new oil pump. good dizzy

new cobra upper and lower intake
70mm new holley throttle body
brand new c&l mass air tube with maf. difft tubes for diff. injectors
have some 19lb injectors that were good when motor last ran
a/c **** EVERYTHING for a fox.
new ecm for a 93 cobra
original ecm for 91 gt still works
MAC long tubes used good condition. full exhaust hpipe and some 40s even fox tails.
roller is 5lug front and rear and a SOLID 8.8 with 4.10s with some good **** and some stock ****. pm for details
heads are e7's with work on the exhaust side big valves 1.6 roller rockers blah blah

to finish with the power plant and drive train would take a clutch and some work THATS IT with a **** TON of new inerior parts and new lenses and lights all the way around. car needs a front bumper and a hatch kinda.

let me know what your interested in. if you need it i prolly have it
Short Block has stock crank and rods with all ARP hardware, rods, mains, heads. Clevite bearings. Durabond cam bearings. Forged .40 pistons, file fit moly rings, Trickflow Stg 1 cam, FMS lifters. New chain. Don't know if rings were gapped when assembled......?
Heads have new bronze guides throughout, all new 1.94 and 1.60 Stainless valves with all new intake seats and valve job. Exhaust side ported out, and bowls and runners cleaned. Crane Cams pedestal to stud conversion kit with 1.6 roller rockers.
It was all done right. No shortcuts.

Throttle Body is a 70mm Holley. Brand New.
All the A/C worked good.

X3Z Ecm for 93 Cobra
New A9L in the car now.

New gears in the 8.8, new clutches in trak lok. New 5 lug axles. Drum brakes still.
That's all i see that needs info on.
It will make a good solid car, or has good parts to use up.

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if only it was a coupe i would be all over the roller i have some serious plans for a coupe in the future
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