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I have a 1986 Ford F-250 that, over the years, has lost its power. It has a five digit odometer, which just rolled over to zeros, but I have no idea of the actual miles. Dropping the throttle to the floor has it blowing out a little blue smoke, not a worrisome amount (rings/valves/seals?), so maybe 300,000 miles - I don't know.
It starts great (within a couple rotations), even after sitting for months (it's at our vacation property in Mexico, not a daily driver at all). When it has warmed, it still starts semi-OK, a few more revolutions than when cold, but you have to hold the "pedal-to-the-metal" or it will crank and not start at all. Also when warm, it only develops about 2500 rpm, in neutral, full throttle, and in gear I'm lucky to get 35 mph going up a hill (it's an automatic). This loss of power has taken place over the last couple of years, but probably only about 1-2000 miles. I've checked and/or replaced the pre-injection parts (fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter) and am now leaning toward a problem with the injector pump or the injection nozzles. Am I on the right track? Am I missing something?
I'm heading to Mexico in a couple of months. I'm going to take new injection nozzles with me (they're cheap enough, so why not?), but a rebuilt pump is considerably more expensive, particularly when it's a guess. I did pick up a pump at the local pick-n-pull, but have no real way to check it short of installing it in Mexico (actually looking for a local shop that may be able to test it, but, so far, not finding what I looking for in the Tacoma, WA area). I see Rock Auto has rebuild kits for the Stanadyne pumps, which looks to be seals. I've never "rebuilt" a diesel pump, but consider myself very well mechanically inclined. Is this really something that can be done without specialty equipment? I think it's worth taking a chance, if it doesn't work, I'll still have the old pump to put back in when down in Mexico.
What do you all think?

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