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I'm selling my Ultra Flex folding aluminum bed cover for an 8' bed. Made for Ford 2008 - 2016. Will most likely fit prior than 2008 as well. Keep bed contents dry and locked up. You can also fold it all the back if needed. It's only 1 year old and I bought it brand new for $1300 installed. I'm selling for $800.

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We advise all prospective buyers (or sellers) to be aware that this is a new member, with one post, so please proceed accordingly and with caution.

This in no way reflects on the integrity of the buyer or seller. It is a standard notice we put in for these members buying or selling items of substantial value.


If shipping is required, sellers are encouraged to use tracking numbers or delivery confirmation.

Buyers should request this even if it costs a few dollars more to ship. This is to protect both the seller and the buyer.
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