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Check for Fuel in oil, oil or fuel in coolant, coolant in oil, and every which way that works. Then starved the pump, engine, and injectors of fuel when you ran out. So do you here the pump priming whent he key is on? Did you do a buzz test on the injectors? Hint, if two of more injectors are dead, truck wont start(more times than not). Not having fuel through the pump is bad(running it dry), and may seize. Not having fuel through the injectors is Horrible on the HEIU system.

I just read your post agian, you said it had white smoke. Could really be an injector then, or white smoke can be a blown head gasket.

When you said the truck was hard to start after you put fuel in, did you prime the system? Cranking for 5 minutes or how ever long you did without a primed system is bad! The injectors were actuating without lubrication.

Just for kicks, if the pump doesnt turn on, check the 30 amp fuse in the fuse panel inside the truck. And for other kick, the CPS may be dead and its a conseisdence that the truck ran out of fuel when the CPS was dying. CPS inop= no start situation.

Hope you get it running!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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