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7.3 upgrades for towing

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I’m new to the 7.3 my last truck was a 6.0 f450. I have recently bought a 2000 f250srw 6 speed, 3.73 diff and I am looking for advice for modifying for extra power towing. The truck is stock besides for muffler delete. I’ve already ordered all new brakes and filters but looking to spend about 1,500 to add some “safe” power to help with heavy loads. I mostly pull a skid steer and trailer that’s 10k-12k and a 4K boat. I was thinking gauges, tunes, turbo housing upgrade or could do injectors and housing not sure just don’t want to worry about egts when towing.
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I don’t have any boost or exhaust leaks on my truck or yet to know what my egts will be towing with a tuner but will hopefully be setup next week maybe take some equipment for a ride
Have you honestly looked behind your turbo where the up pipes go into the collector? It is very common to have exhaust leaks there, and you won't hear them like on a gasser engine that make a "ticking" sound.

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