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7.3 upgrade suggestions

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Hello all,
I’m a new 7.3 owner, 2000 f250 XLT 4x4 crew cab short bed with 215k miles. It has a cold air intake and 4” straight piped exhaust on it now. It looks to have about a 4 inch lift as well.
What suggestions do you all have as upgrades, etc? The main purpose of the truck is pulling a 8.5x18 enclosed trailer, hauling golf carts to the beach and back,
and general stuff like mulch, etc. this is NOT a daily driver.
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I’ve seen this numerous times….anything you suggest getting with the chip? Gauges? Should the stock components hold up well with the hydra?
What they said about the gauges. I typically recommend the Insight CTS3 monitor as quality gauges have gone up significantly in price. The monitor will do way more than the 3 popular gauges and read/clear engine codes.

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