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I am beginning to think about swapping a 7.3 into my 2000 F450 CC. It has a 6.8 in it now. The truck is used for towing a 40' 5th wheel boat trailer, but fueling is always a challenge, if for nothing else because a tank of fuel doesn't really go that far!

I know the usual arguments about it being more economical to find a vehicle that fits the bill, but there is something to be said about continuously upgrading your assets to get them to exactly where you want them. It is, after all, a boat tractor. I also know the other part of the drill - will need to get a salvaged donor for engine, transmission, fuel system, electricals, electronics, instrument cluster.

- I would like to ask the group if there are any recommendations on diesel shops in Ontario or midwest USA who would be able to do the work. Not sure that is how I would proceed (I may just do the work), but I would like to get a sense of who might. Currently reside between Ontario and BC, so am looking at all the options

- Does anyone have experience dealing with salvage vehicles for parts from USA? I have imported vehicles from there, but no salvages.


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