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First off, this is my first post within this forum. I am an avid Diesel "doctor" for many Mercedes diesels from light to heavy duty applications. If Im not driving a MB diesel, I am driving a powerstroke and right now I have abit of a problem on a truck I havent had long.

Details in Chronological Order:
-Nearly ran out of fuel when in a foreign part of region, replaced fuel to 1/2 tank
- Major loss of power, poor shifting, etc. since before making it to the fuel station and continued after refueling.
- I noise of a misfire and injector nailing is present with the loss of power. Sounds like its runing poor but idle is good at the tach.
- No start next morning. Found no fuel in Fuel Bowl.
- Cycled Key many times and found fuel in bowl did not prime.
-Added about 1/2 G to fuel bowl while trying to start.
- eventually started using a spec of ether. Fuel now overflowing from Fuel Bowl.
- Tried to purge air by opening fuel bowl at top and bottom while engine running.
- Still running rough w/ no power.
-Unplugged ICP sensor w/no change in idle.
-IPR seems Ok.

Right now I am considering tht the mechanical lift pump is going out. Its a job ive done on a previously owned truck that Im familiar with. I have not changed the pump yet because Im wondering about the fuel sending unit on the fuel tank along with the tank screen/pickup. I am also wondering about blowing out the hardlines w/ air and any tips or tricks you can throw my way. This is my daily driver now.

I am eager to be apart of this community as it seems like im in a great place.


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welcome to the org and sorry to hear your troubles. Just to help the others help you could we get a bit of info on the truck?

the year and mods always help us assist with diagnosis because the 99-03 has quite a bit of difference from the 80-90s model 7.3l. Plus any mods listed will help us possibly find a connection or fresh perspective.

*unfortunately letting it run with the fuel filter cap open only brought more air into the system it will purge by itself in a very short time when it is sealed.

I'll wait for the specs on your ride though.

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Here's an cool update on all this BS if you're reading up on this:

I have new mechanical pump ready to install but Im hesitant on replacing due to fact that ive gotten the system primed and its runs good at idle, but no power and a rough sounding start that smooths out over the first minute of running keeps pointing me to a fuel restriction.
Lastnight I dropped the front tank since the rear is unused(prev owner said dont use it and forgot why he didnt use it lol)
Inside the tank I found quite clean fuel and the unit inside the tank to be clean overall. Cleaned out tank unit and ready to replace after work. I opted to eliminate the tank or tank unit as a problem.

So now Im looking at replacing the lift pump, maybe its failing? Since I was out of time for the day, I brushed on some degreaser to soak up in the valley before returning to the truck after work later.
While cleaning I discovered something!
...A clip that goes to the injector harness seemed to be attached normally but upon inspection, I was able to push it together until it clicked. This is not the large connection that is on the valve cover, but rather this clip is smaller and close to the turbo, above the lift pump basically. Since the tank is still off the truck I cannot really test anything yet but what's your $0.02? My thought is THIS is the culprit but HOW did it come unattached?
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