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Hey gents,
here is what I got.
both batts are a month old and retested to ensure they are good. tested alternator at 2 different stores and ohmed it out myself. it is good. I bought a new Alternator anyway to be safe. No battery light is on while truck in running Replaced fuses underhood and in cab. replaced 470 ohm resist on the gauge cluster. With truck running I get 11.5 volts at the #6 fuse under hood, at the battery, the post on on the alternator and at the starter relay where the fusible links connect to the battery. I get 11.5 volts at the #29 fuse at the inside fuseblock. also where the plug goes into the back of the gauge cluster, and at the signal wire on the back of the ALT. hope someone can help and thanks

2000 f250 7.3
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