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Hey all, 2001 f250 super duty 7.3 4x4, 82K, just finished up with a motor swap from an 01 to a 99. Not a 99.5
I had to Franken build the 99 from the 01. The 01 had bad cylender walls and needed replacing and 300K miles on it... but the rest of the motor was good. The 99 had a good block and combustion but bad everything else from New England winter rust.

I when I changed things over I noticed the turbo, manafold, and intake covers were different sizes. Thats what clued me into it being 99 vs 99.5 I opted to put the 01 stuff on the 99. Also, and this is where it gets interesting, the harness that came with the 99 only had one relay. The harness I took from the 01 has 2 relays but the harness was in bad shape. I spliced over all the bad connectors. Meaning the 01 harness now has the 99 harness connectors (meticulous care was taken to not cross anything) so I still have 2 relays. I believe they are fuel pump and fuel heater

After some simple trouble shooting we were able to get it to crank and run. Purred like a 1ton kitten. Ran for a few minutes maybe 5, developed a chug for another 3 and the stalled with a no restart. It cranks and wants to catch but sounds like its not getting fuel. I'm reading alot of simar issues leaning towards the PCM but I don't know how to test that.
Codes are saying unexpected injector pressure low, and a few others all about injection and fuel pressure. I can get code numbers monday.

Good read so far right...Here is the real question. Is this 99 a california motor? Is there a difference? The reason I ask is because while looking up new main wiring harness I have the option of buying a cali or non cali harness. The Cali harness has one relay, the non cali has 2. Am I using the wrong harness? Does this matter? Being an injection and ultimately an emissions issue im thinking it might. With different wiring could the master connector be pinned different? But if so would it even start at all?
does anyone know the real differences are between a truck that meets california standards and doesn't.

Or if you just know the answer to get the truck running thats cool too.
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