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7.3 jake brake, exhaust brake

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I am new to the Stroke and bought me a 1994 5 speed last week and looking to put in a jake brake. Does anyone have one forsale?
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Pakbrake makes an exhaust brake for your truck, and a few have gone the DIY route and used the factory ebpv, is your truck a powerstroke or turbo idi?
I don't believe there is a "jake brake" for a 7.3 cause a jake brake works by oil pressure holding open your exhaust valves, but you can make an exhaust brake with your stock turbo by wiring a switch into the ebpv sensor wire (found on the driverside of the turbo pedestal) I'm not sure how to do it cause I just took my ebpv out but it is possible and I have heard it works really well.
That is what the PO did to my truck and I am now very hesitant to use it after reading about how much damage it can do to the engines. It definitely works just not willing to take the chance. I will evenytually be purchasing a Turbo mount Garrett EB but have other priorities definitely nice to have will save wear and tear on the expensive brakes my F350 has.
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