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ok this writeup works for 94.5-97 and might work for 99-03. this mod cost less than 40 bucks

tools needed

Flat head screw driver
11mm socket

Parts Needed

45 degree elbow with 4 inch outside diameter
NAPA 6637 Filter
4.5 inch filter clamp



start by popping your hood, loosen the clamps that hold the intake tube to the airbox, use your flat head to undo the top bolts

use your 11mm and remove this bolt, after removal pull the box towqrds the cab of the truck while pulling up.

Remove sensor from old airbox, tie it up under the hood

now the good part putting it on, slip your elbow into the intake tube and the filter, rotate intake tube till its where you want it, now titten everything down and go for a drive

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