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Hey, I just made up a quick video for a 6" lift we put on a DODGE RAM, yep, dodge, I know.. ill duck while the stones fly...

... but my purpose for posting it here is the person doing the install, and myself (filming) are starting a review site where we do installs and reviews of various parts. We did this one for his truck, and mine is next on the list, so I wanted to talk to the SUPER DUTY guys, such as myself, to see what they thought, and what could be improved.

This was our first major shoot, some of the others were short, and quick to edit, this was about 6 hours of install and filming, cut down to a 6 min video. We learned a ton, and hope we have a better grip for the next install.
Some of things we are doing differently next time are to get an actual mic, and not just pull the audio feed from the camera (less background noise), lock the focus on certain shots, (to keep the camera from trying to auto focus) and try to get more action shots, and not all explanations.

But if you could give it a watch and let me know what you think, I would greatly appreciate it. I know the audio is horrible, but a new Mic is in the mail right now, so no worries.


Installation of a 6 inch lift from Top Gun Customz on a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 - YouTube
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