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I have a h&s intake for sale for thr 6.7l scorpion. The box says 2011-2012, but it may work with 2013...ill let you research that.

It was on my truck for literally a day. I took it off because I am toying with the idea of selling my truck....I am of the compulsive type.

Anyway, this thing is brand new. The only thing missing are the plastic washers. They were never in the kit but are called for in the instructions. I am sure h&s will send u some for free or you can pick some up at a hardware store for a dollar. Also, the clamps for the silicone piece are junk.... I would probably buy some heavier duty ones, but that is up to you. Again, a few bucks will get u some on the internet or hardware store.

$250 + whatever shipping is to your address. I am located in 38017

I can add pictures later. I am sending this from my phone and am unable to upload attachments right now. Or I can email them to you.
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