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What should I do?

  • Get a King Ranch and deal with not having a Cummins.

    Votes: 28 80.0%
  • Get a Cummins and deal with Dodge interior.

    Votes: 4 11.4%
  • Try to swap a Cummins into a 2011-13 King Ranch.

    Votes: 3 8.6%

6.7 Powerstroke to 6.7 Cummins swap?

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I will be buying a new truck within the next few weeks, and I'm torn. I really want a Cummins, but I am not a fan of Dodge interiors. I absolutely love 2011-13 King Ranch interiors though. What I would really like is a 2011-13 King Ranch with a Cummins swapped in. Is this out of the question with all of the electronics and lack of room under the hood of new trucks, or is it a possibility? I know it would probably be expensive. I don't see anything about swaps on anything past 2010 trucks on Destroked...

Any ideas/feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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I've always liked being a little bit different than everyone else, and I'm a Powerstroke fan, so I figured I'd go with a 6.0 and bring it up to about 650-700HP as a reliable daily driver. No Cummins swap planned, but I may get one and build it as a puller in a few years. Not enough cash right now. I've also always loved the Outlaw package. And I would rather not say why I am not worried about emissions tests. We'll just say I have connections...

Hope you have a real big check book or a high limit on your credit card to make that much power. Not impossible with a 6.0 but DAMN expensive. For sure start a build thread. I'd love to see it and the Outlaw edition truck is mean looking.
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