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Cab swapped a 2011 f350 last weekend.
No start
No PCM reading
No fuel pump
Cluster mileage says “——————“
Shifter won’t change gears

Everything was swapped except engine bay fuse panel.

All interior, radio, lights seats etc.

Now I have searched around and trouble shooted the common sense items, grounds, fuses, relays. Checked twice.
Cab was Swapped along with full interior, dash, seats, plastics, carpet.Included a few pictures.
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You report no communication with the PCM and the instrument cluster has missing data. Also the trailer brake module fault warning is also suspect along with the starting system fault. A network fault can cause all of your symptoms/messages and could be caused by a faulty module or a wiring concern causing no communication between some modules. If you can run a network test with a scan tool that would be a good place to start. At the very least a scan tool should be able to communicate with the PCM and identify the vehicle. Also, checking fuses and grounds is not enough. Check power and ground circuits at any suspect module.
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