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6.4 Undelete

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Hey everyone,

I’m new to diesels and my first diesel is an 08 F250 6.4...please spare me the 6.4 bashing, the one I got is in great shape and has no rust. That being said I am in a situation. I wasn’t aware that mine had been deleted until after I bought it. I can’t return it to the people I bought it from because they already gave me the “we don’t know what you did to it line.” Through some bad information I was told all you had to do was take the tuner off after returning it to stock mode and it would pass. Not true. Now the state is treating me like a criminal and since I already started the titling process in my name and it’s been flagged as being tampered with, my options are to pay $7000 just in parts to fix it. I could go the lawyer route but that could take forever. So I need to figure out how to undelete it. I have heard bullet proof makes a nice egr set and bully dog makes a good dpf. I’m forced into a corner, and I don’t want to spend the money turning my truck into junk for something I didn’t do to it. This is stressful so please be kind and only offer solutions not criticism. I have had enough of that already and I just want to get it fixed. It’s had a full delete, so I need everything including sensors and it was tuned with an H&S mini maxx. I am in Utah to be specific in a county that tests emissions so if you know somebody or are willing to help, it would be much appreciated. I’ll even let you keep the full delete kit they put on it. I know this is a stretch but any help is appreciated. Parts lists, how to videos, or even the number of a reasonable mechanic that will treat me fairly.
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Hey no criticism here. Deal gone bad, that’s all. Just isn’t fun being on your end of it. An old saying - There’s those that have, and those that will..... Don’t stress. It’s just a truck, and it’s just parts. And it can be fixed. Hopefully for a bit less than $7k.

if you can’t return it, which I’d be fighting for, but if it didn’t come certified or what have you, I’m not sure what there is in your area of the world for that. Then I’d be looking into the junk yard route and see if you can find a wreck that has all the parts you need, take what you need and send the rest back to the junk yard when you’re done. I’m not a tuning expert though, but I would think it could be returned to stock by a ford dealer? Others here would know better than me on that end.

A good garage that has some moxy should be able help you source out used parts as well, and take care of it for you.
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