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I thought I would make a build thread even though I dont have much done yet compared to some of yall but will add to it as I go on. Hopefully I can help answer any questions and share what problems I ran into.

Dont have the best pictures yet cause I had to dig through old pictures to make this but will have better ones in the future.

This is my list of mods I started with and have done some of them but hope to have them done in the next couples of years and will update as I go

Dpf delete-done
Egr delete-bought
Cold side pipe/CAC-bought
Intake elbow-bought
CCV mod-done
SCT& gearhead-next
Remote start
Turbo Socks/Intercooler boots
Diesel site Coolant/tranny bypass
Steering stabilizer/ball joints
PMF trac bars
Pillar gauges
Tranny and TQ converter
Rear ranch hand
intake manifold
studs gaskets
Elite 71mm atmosphere
Rear ranch hand
Ported fuel rail
Waste gate
20s/22s with terra grapps
Elite stage 1 valvetrain
Chromeoly pushrods

First weekend I got her. Stock and slow

Had to pick up some bfg all terrains

1st. Dpf Delete, Spartan tuning, Airaid CAI, 4' DP to 5" FLO PRO to 6x18 tip and headlights with HIDs(hated the headlights)

2nd. Leveling kit,pro comp trac bar and Bilstein 5100s

3rd. Attempted to spray paint my grille knowing nothing about spray painting..didnt turn out terrible but not the best.
4th.35x12.5 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 18" XD Series Bronze Hoss

Then this incident happened so I upgraded some stuff I had been wanting to change while it was in the shop. Ranch hand, FX4 grille and Stock headlights

5th. I then installed a hornblasters pa with sirens which is extremely loud

6th.CCV Mod to atmosphere

7th. I just received EGR delete, Cold side pipe and intake elbow in the mail, that I will be installing sometime in the next week and uploading pics shorlty after.

Thanks for reading!


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Thanks CountryAggie I got a lot of ideas from your threads
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