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6.4 Batmowheels LP/HP DEAL

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hey all ,brand new batmowheels for the 6.4 , just bought these suckers and installed them in my turbos ,they were never put back in the truck , Ive decided to go another route , these would make a great mod for someone looking for some xtra HP out of your stock turbos , with my truck in the shop and being on hold at the moment gave me time to get some things in order , so need to try and get a little money back , 550 shipped for the set !! thanks for looking txt also 219 671 zero 895
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Bump !! I will also take reasonable offers !!
Bump , Im hearing 30 -40 hp out of these ,thats cheap hp!
Again if only you lived closer! I would love these, but I need studs and some other stuff first... I think lol
Hey country , you can stock pile the go fast stuff till your ready !! :) My mother in law is going down next week for a couple weeks ! also very light shipping with insurance wouldnt be to bad !!
Haha ya I know but I have a laundry list to do before batmos. (Traction blocks, bumpers, wheels, lights, studs, intake/exhaust manis, etc...) :/

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weekend Bump ! Lets Make A Deal!!
600$ shipped thats a couple hundred off new !!!
Does the cab have to come off to install ? TEXT 618-926-3103
^^ Install can be done cab on ,turbos installed , just the housing of each the lp side and the hp side will have to come off , the lp side(housing ) is held on by 6 bolts , the hp side (housing ) has a v-band clamp that is removed to get housing off
Willing to split up?
blackcloud2k , would like to keep both together ,but possibly would seperate if i could find a seller for the one you dont want ?
Bump!! , 515$ shipped for both
just sold yesterday -thanks
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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