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If I stay away from the air dog 2, what should I go with?
Any setup based off the automotive A1000 lift pump. They have become very popular recently and have proven far more reliable that the Air dog & FASS systems.

Marty's Diesel has a complete setup including a regulated return that is quite popular over on the army. I'm not sure how many people here use it. It's probably the setup I'm going to end up going with. That said, I believe Nate has a reg-return setup as well. I'm not sure if he has a lift pump & filter setup with his or not.

Ditch the idea of Banks. They are overhyped & overpriced. The whole idea behind the Banks product line is that you purchase a Banks Six Gun! tuner, it gives you an extra 170hp and 235 ft/lbs of torque, and a stupid amount of EGTs. If you watch the promotional videos, you'll be convinced that the more you dramatically stop to talk into a camera, the more power you'll make (but it isn't true...) From there, you have to buy everything else to bring the EGTs in check. It's a half-decent setup for those who don't want to put a lot of effort into their performance upgrades and just want more power & an empty wallet right away. I also have wondered if their R&D is solely focused on Cummins, and from there they find a way to mangle it onto other platforms (Powerstroke, Duramax, etc).

For intercoolers, I'd go with Mishimoto. If you look up "Mishimoto intercooler" you'll find a fairly recent discussion thread where one of the Johns goes to great lengths to explain the R&D put into the Mishimoto intercooler, and explains some of the things they did to make it work. It also has an unbeatable warranty. That said, if you find that thread, many other options come up as well that aren't Banks.

Ditch the idea of EVO gauges. Edge is putting out a new monitor called the CTS 2. If the quality is the same as the current Edge Insite CTS, then it'll be the monitor you want. As many gauges as you want all on one screen.

Banks Six Gun! Banks Six Gun!
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