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This quick write-up is for the guy's that come here not knowing much about minor problems or maintenance.
Your 6.0L engine has an EGR system that recirculates exhaust fumes back into the intake to be burned a second time ( Thanks EPA ). Some guy's delete this system and I do recommend doing that.But if you do not have the time or still have warranty you can avoid minor problems by cleaning your EGR VALVE.
DIFFICULTY- Easy ( 3rd grade easy )
Tools- 8mm socket/ext/ratchet/ Screw driver/carb cleaner/pry tool.(I used a slide hammer)
Time- 30 minutes ( most of which is cleaning )
Parts- 2 o-rings and 1 gasket (Sometimes not needed if you are careful)

1)Unplug the EGR Valve

2)Remove Bolts
3) Pry up(Not side/side) It took 1 hit up with my slide hammer.

Before cleaned

4) Soak the EGR in/out let shaft in Carb cleaner or spray and brush. AVOID getting cleaner in the 2 holes at the base of the upper valve(Shinny round part) Those holes lead to the upper valve and can damage the valve. The point here is to clean the soot off the lower valve & shaft and in/out let holes.

5) Replace o rings and gasket (If needed) and reinstall.

TIPS The valve will come out I promise, Just keep pulling up!(Twist)
Avoid the holes at the base of the upper valve!
Wipe down after cleaning!
Wipe down intake mounting surface!
Buy the O-rings and gasket! ( Just in case )
Clean with carb cleaner not brake cleaner. (Don't ask)
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