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6.0 Won't start when motor is "cold"

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Alright, I have an 05 F250 that has 55,XXX miles on it. have had it since March, got it with 42K on it. never had the first problem with it. a couple weeks ago, drove it to a buddies house to watch a football game (so i was there for about 4 hrs) went to leave and it didn't seem to want to start. (temp outside was about 40-45F)
had to try 3 times to get it to fire and stay running, but when it finally did run, it ran VERY rough. dropping down in RPM and what i can only describe as "backfiring" even though it was more like a "poof" noise accompanied by a puff of black smoke each time.
i gave it throttle to about 1200 RPM and it smoothed out. I stayed on the throttle till the engine warmed up and then it idled just fine. drove it about 100 miles, killed it for an hr, cranked right back up. Drove it home and parked it, wouldn't run the next morning. again, temps were in the 40's. 2 days later when i had time to mess with it after work, took me about 4 hrs of being plugged in and cranking (with help of a battery charger) before it finally fired up and did the same thing with the sputtering and blowing black smoke. when i plug it in overnight it starts the same way every day, if i don't plug it in, it won't run at all.

I am thinking i have an injector that is bad and squirting a stream of fuel instead of a mist... once it's warm enough it starts working properly and i have no problems..

anyone else have an idea/opinion/guess etc?
Any input of what it could possibly be would be appreciated so that i can have some kind of idea of the spectrum of what it could possibly cost.
Thanks in advance for all your help!

Oh, and i don't know if it is relevant, but the first day it wouldn't run at all (after it wasn't plugged in all night) i pulled the EGR valve and it was CAKED full of soot, clogged to where it wouldn't move. I did clean it up and reinstall it but it hasn't changed the behavior of the motor when trying to start.
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starting issue sounds like glow plugs to Me
but the rough running after it fires ?
also, haven't had it diag'd yet but no check engine light/codes at any time.
it will likley have a code stored with those no starts but no CEL is common
40F cold enough for glow plugs to be the issue? It seems like its starved for fuel. after trying and trying to start it, it actually fires up for 2 seconds or so then dies. if you keep at it for another hour or two, it will finally run as i described earlier. I thought glow plugs only aided in the starting process and once it was running they didn't do anything.

(I'm a new diesel owner, not arguing with you, just stating what i was always under the impression of.. if i knew what i was talking about i wouldn't be asking the question.. lol)

I have seen similar posts on here where the issue was injectors, or EGR, or Fuel pump, High pressure oil line, etc.. nothing that described the idle like mine does once it finally starts running.
I agree the gp's do nothing for it after it fires but if only a few work I could see it running strange for a few ???

however I live in AZ so I could put my Glowplugs up on Ebay LOL
I have had two bad injectors at 55k it would always start it just shook like hell for a while until the stiction cleared eventually it didn't clear and I had them replaced
this truck was made in TN and has lived in 'Bama it's whole life.. till i bought it and brought it up to Michigan with me.
poor thing. it's going to see road salt for the first time in it's life this year :(
FICM seems like it could be an option
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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