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Hey guys I need some help on deciding what turbo to get for my 06 6.0. I've done a good bit or research and reading other threads but I'm just not finding what I'm looking for. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Heres what I got goin on... Egr delete, head studs, head gaskets, high volume oil cooler, lift pump, s&b intake, sct live wire with innovative tunes, 4 inch straight pipe, and that's all I can think of now, if I left somethin out I'll try to add it later. I'm planning on running warrens 175 injectors when I decide what turbo I'm gonna get. I know I definitely want a non vgt turbo. Also any input on FICM upgrades would help a lot as well. Do I need a HPOP for 175's??? I've read yes and no. Thanks a lot guys.
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