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Here's a list I'm starting because I'm sick of looking up part numbers all of the time. I don't know how many times I have been on eBay looking at OEM parts and it states "FITS 2003-2007" which people assume they have the same engine so it must fit, WHICH WE KNOW JUST ISN'T THE CASE!!! (keep in mind ENGINE 6.0 RELATED we can add other categories once this is good) please identify the FORD/INTERNATIONAL part numbers if you can provide both and what years they apply too.


If you have any part numbers im missing which is quite a few please get them to me if you have them (ESPECIALLY INTERNATIONAL)

ROCHE837 :icon_ford:


3C44 9F836 AC---------------------------------------------------------Accelerator Pedal Assembly

3C3Z 12B637 BA / 1854174C9--------------------------------------Engine Harness (2003/ Early 2004(EBP Sensor Bolted To Thermostat Housing))*

4C3Z 12B637 AA / -----------------------------------------------------Engine Harness (Mid and Late Build 2004)*
4C3Z 12B637 CA

5C3Z 12B637 AA / -----------------------------------------------------Engine Harness (Early Build 2005)*

5C3Z 12B637 BA / 1855214C9---------------------------------------Engine Harness (Late Build 2005/2006/2007(EBP Sensor Bolted To FICM Bracket))*

3C3Z-9D930-AA / 1843796C92 /
1843797C93(Updated Harness)*------I----------------------------Injector Wiring Harness (2003(ICP & IPR REAR MOUNTED))*

4C3Z 9D930 AA / 1844137C97--------------------------------------Injector Wiring Harness (2004)*

5C3Z 9D930 AA / 1870390C91--------------------------------------Injector Wiring Harness (2005/2006/2007)*

4C3Z 12B599 ABRM / 4307223R91----------------------------------FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module)*

3C3Z 9E527 ECRM / 1878282C91-----------------------------------Injector: (2003/2004 (04 Built Before 9/23/03))*

4C3Z 9E527 BRM / 1845150C92 -----------------------------------Injector: (2004/2005/2006/2007 (2004 Built On or After 9/23/03))*

3C3Z 9229 AA / 1843682C91 -------------------------------------- Injector O-Ring Kit

3C3Z 9C995 AA / ------------------------------------------------------Injector Hold Downs 18mm heads

3C3Z 6571 AA / --------------------------------------------------------6.0 Valve Seal

3C3Z 6513 AA / --------------------------------------------------------6.0 Valve Spring

3C3Z 6505 AA / --------------------------------------------------------6.0 Exhaust Valve

3C3Z 6507 AA / 1837731C ------------------------------------------6.0 Intake valve

8C3Z 6565 B / ----------------------------------------------------------6.0 Push-Rod

4C3Z 6564 AA-----------------------------------------------------------Combination Dual Valve Rocket Arm

3C3Z 6564 BA-----------------------------------------------------------Intake Valve Rocker Arm

3C3Z 6564 AB-----------------------------------------------------------Exhaust Valve Rocker Arm

4C3Z 6250 AA / ------------------------------------------------------- Camshaft

3C3Z 6D309 AA---------------------------------------------------------Camshaft Bearings

3C3Z 6303 AARM / ---------------------------------------------------- Crankshaft (with bearings)

4C3Z 6108 AA / --------------------------------------------------------Piston w/ Rings and Retainers

1834675C1-------------------------------------------------------------Connecting Rod

8C3Z 6C329 A / ------------------------------------------------------ Roller Lifter Guide

8C3Z 6C329 B / -------------------------------------------------------Roller Lifter Guide (With 4 Lifters)*

3C3Z 6500 AA /--------------------------------------------------------Roller Lifter (Single)84-07 Diesel Engines!)*

3C3Z 6010 BA / ------------------------------------------------------ Engine Block and Bed plate (BARE 18mm Cylinder Head Dowel)*

6C3Z 6010 A / -------------------------------------------------------- Engine Block and Bedplate (BARE 20mm Cylinder Head Dowel)*

3C34 6B033 AB--------------------------------------------------------Engine Mount (Left)*

3C34 6046 AB---------------------------------------------------------Engine Mount (Right)*

3C3Z 6020 CA---------------------------------------------------------Engine Front Cover Gasket (Includes Seal)*

3C3Z 6700 BA---------------------------------------------------------Engine Front Cover Seal

3C3Z 6701 B / --------------------------------------------------------Rear Main Seal

3C3Z 6049 DA / 1872648C91--------------------------------------Cylinder Head

/ 1858473C1----------------------------------------------------------Rocker Boxes

3C3Z 6051 CB / 1847028C96--------------------------------------Head Gasket (18mm)*

4C3Z 6051 EB / 1847100C95--------------------------------------Head Gasket (18mm KIT 2 Gaskets + Stand Pipes + Dowel Pins + Head Bolts)*

6C3Z 6051 AA / 1858190C92--------------------------------------Head Gasket (20mm)*

6C3Z 6051 BA / 1832715C93 -------------------------------------Head Gasket (20mm KIT 2 Gaskets + Stand Pipes + Dowel Pins + Head Bolts)*

3C3Z 6584 AA / 1826703C1---------------------------------------Valve Cover Gaskets (Upper, Lower, + Grommets)*
3C3Z 6584 BA / 1838250C1

W302725 (Ford Hardware PN)-------------------------------------CCV O-ring (Green)*

3C3Z 6A603 AA -------------------------------------------------------CCV (2003 to 9/23/03)*

4C2Z 6A603 AA / -----------------------------------------------------CCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation)*

4C3Z 6A665 AC /----------------------------------------------------- CCV Adapter (bolts to the top of the rocker cover, CCV hose kit connects to this)

3C3Z 9439 AA / 1836542C1----------------------------------------Intake Manifold Gasket (3C3Z-9433-BE 2 Gaskets + Turbo Hardware + EGR Cooler Gaskets)*
3C3Z 9439 BJ /

6C3Z 9448 A / 1840701c92 ---------------------------------------Exhaust Manifold Gasket

1839905C2-----------------------------------------------------------Intake Elbow (2003/2004)*

1846624C1-----------------------------------------------------------Intake Elbow (2005/2006/2007)*

3C3Z 9P457 AA------------------------------------------------------Intake Elbow Gasket (2003/2004/2005/2006/2007)*

W300014 (Ford Hardware PN)-----------------------------------Intake Elbow Hardware (2005/2006/2007 x4) Needed to swap out 03-04 elbow))*

3C3Z 9C623 AA----------------------------------------------------Air Inlet Duct (Connects to Turbo Inlet)

4C3Z 9601 AA ------------------------------------------------------Air Filter

6C3Z 9C623 A / ---------------------------------------------------Air Cleaner to Turbo Hose

4C3Z 6A603 AA /---------------------------------------------------Breather Box to Air Inlet Hose

3C3Z 6750 AA / 1844444C3-------------------------------------Oil Dipstick (2003/2004/2005) T-Handle)*

3C3Z-6754-BA----------------------------------------------------2003-2006 oil dip stick tube

6C3Z 6750 A / 1870890C91-------------------------------------Oil Dipstick (2006/2007) Ring Handle)*

6C3Z-6754-A-----------------------------------------------------06-07 oil dip stick tube

4C2Z 6750 AA / 1845110C3-------------------------------------Oil Dipstick (E Series (2004/2005/2006/2007))*

3C3Z-7A228-BC--------------------------------------------------2003-2007 trans dipstick tube

4C3Z-7A020-CA--------------------------------------------------2003-2007 trans dipstick

3C3Z 8753 AA------------------------------------------------------Oil Dipstick Blue O-Ring

3C3Z 6881 CA / 1847056C93-----------------------------------Oil Filter Adapter for EARLY 2003 (Build Date Prior to 3/17/2003 NEEDED FOR NEW TURBO FEED LINE)*

3C3Z 6C755 AA----------------------------------------------------Oil Filter Housing Return Tube (Oil Filter Slides Over It)*

3C3Z 6800 A / -----------------------------------------------------Oil Filter Drain Valve (Poppet Valve)*

3C3Z 6766 CA / RACOR RK31821 ------------------------------Oil Filter Cap (Frame Mounted Fuel Filter Cap)*

3C3Z 9G270 AA / 1843057C91----------------------------------Fuel Filter Cap (Engine Mounted)

FL 2016 (Motorcraft) ----------------------------------------------Oil Filter

FD 4616 (Motorcraft) ----------------------------------------------Fuel Filter (Primary/Secondary)*

PFL 2016 (RACOR)-------------------------------------------------Oil Filter

PFF 4616 (RACOR)-------------------------------------------------Fuel Filter (Primary/Secondary)*

1840752C91 (International)-------------------------------------Oil Filter

1847170C92 (International)-------------------------------------Fuel Filter (Primary/Secondary)*

3C3Z 9T289 AA/ 1843061C92-----------------------------------Fuel Filter Housing Return Kit

3C34 9J338 AG-----------------------------------------------------Fuel Bowl Supply / Return Lines

6E7Z 9C082 A / 2589259C91------------------------------------HFCM Drain (Brass Replacement No Tool Required)*

6C3Z 9G282 C /-----------------------------------------------------Frame Mounted Fuel Pump (Horizontal Fuel Conditioning Module)*

4C2Z 9275 AA / -----------------------------------------------------Fuel Sending Unit (In Tank)*
5C3Z 9275 BA

6C3Z 10346 DARM /------------------------------------------------Alternator - 110A (F series)

6C3Z 10346 BARM /------------------------------------------------Alternator - 140A (F series)

3C2Z 6B209 AA / ---------------------------------------------------Belt Tensioner (Single Alternator)*

3C2Z 6B209 BA / ---------------------------------------------------Belt Tensioner (Dual Alternator)*

3C3Z 8620 DB / ----------------------------------------------------F Series Single Alternator Belt

3C3Z 8620 BC / ----------------------------------------------------F Series Dual Alternator Belt

3C3Z 8620 HB / ----------------------------------------------------F Series Aux Alternator Belt

3C3Z 8620 AB / ----------------------------------------------------E Series Single Alternator Belt

3C3Z 8620 BB / ----------------------------------------------------E Series Dual Alternator Belt

3C7Z 8620 AC / ----------------------------------------------------Excursion Alternator Belt

3C3Z 8678 EB/ ---------------------------------------------------- Idler Pulley

3C3Z 12A342 AA / 1836600C1-----------------------------------Long Glow Plug (2003)*

4C3Z 12A342 AA / 1843286C2-----------------------------------Short Glow Plug (2004/2005/2006/2007)*

4C2Z 12A690 BA / 1845695C93---------------------------------Glow Plug Harness (Left)*

4C2Z 12A690 AB / 1845794C9-----------------------------------Glow Plug Harness (Right)*

4C3Z 12B568 AA / -------------------------------------------------Glow plug connector harness assembly

3C3Z 12A690 BA / -------------------------------------------------Glow Plug Bus Bars (Right(2003))*

3C3Z 12A690 AA / -------------------------------------------------Glow Plug Bus Bars (Left(2003))*

YC3Z 12B533 AA / 1828565C1-----------------------------------Glow Plug Module

3C3Z 9T517 AG / 1854267C94----------------------------------"BLUE SPRING" Fuel Pressure Regulator

6E7Z 9C165 B / 1854267C94 -----------------------------------"BLUE SPRING" Fuel Pressure Regulator W/O COVER!

W302472 (Ford Hardware PN)------------------------------------6.4 Banjo Bolts (You will need 2)*

W303659 (Ford Hardware PN)------------------------------------6.4 Banjo Washers (You will need 4)*

F81Z 9278 AA /------------------------------------------------------Oil Pressure Sender

SW6052 / 1836537C91--------------------------------------------ECT/EOT Sensor

DY984 / 1836539C91 ----------------------------------------------IAT Sensor

3C3Z 9C968 AA / 1839437C95-----------------------------------IPR Solenoid (2003/2004)*

5C3Z 9C968 CA / 1842428C92-----------------------------------IPR Solenoid (2005/2006/2007)*

3C3Z 9H529 A / 1888696C93-------------------------------------IPR Screen/O-Ring Update Kit (500 Micron)*

6E7Z 12A690 DA-----------------------------------------------------IPR Pigtail (May be metal clip style or 2 plastic tab style) Use this for IPR test jumper))*

3C3Z 9F838 EA / 1845274C92------------------------------------ICP SENSOR (2003/2004)*

4C3Z 9F838 A / 1845428C92-------------------------------------ICP SENSOR (2005/2006/2007)*

5C3Z 12224 A /------------------------------------------------------ICP/EBP Pigtail

3L3Z 12B579 ARM / ------------------------------------------------MAF Sensor (Mass Air Flow)*

4X2Z 9L474 AA------------------------------------------------------MAP Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure)*

3C3Z 6C315 AA / 1828345C91-----------------------------------Crank Sensor

BC3Z 12K073 A / 1835985C92-----------------------------------Cam Sensor

4C3Z 9J460 A / 18050353C1-------------------------------------EPB Sensor (2003/2004)*

5C3Z 9J460 A / 1850352C2--------------------------------------EPB Sensor (2005/2006/2007)*

4C3Z 9F452 A / 1846491C91-------------------------------------EGR Valve (2003/2004)*

5C3Z 9F452 AA / 1846490C91-----------------------------------EGR Valve (2005/2006/2007)*

3C3Z 9P455 AB / 1840778C32-----------------------------------EGR Valve O- Ring

F81Z A784 BB--------------------------------------------------------EGR Vacuum Tube

3C3Z 9P456 A / 1846491C91-------------------------------------EGR Cooler (2003/2004)*

4C3Z 9P456 AJ / 1845145C96------------------------------------EGR Cooler (2005/2006/2007)*

4C4Z 8592 AA / 1837845C2 --------------------------------------EGR Cooler Hose (Motorcraft # RH153)

W300022 (Ford Hardware PN)------------------------------------EGR Cooler Supply Ports Housing Bolts

4C4Z 8592 AA ------------------------------------------------------Blue Updated Water Outlet Connector

6C3Z 8A080 B / ----------------------------------------------------Degas Bottle

9C3Z 8101 B / -----------------------------------------------------Degas Bottle Cap

F81Z 8287 EA / 1824400C---------------------------------------Radiator Hose Clamp (V-Band)*
3C34 8287 BA

3C3Z 8260 AG------------------------------------------------------Upper Radiator Hose

5C3Z 8286 DH------------------------------------------------------Lower Radiator Hose

4C3Z 8A616 AA /---------------------------------------------------Fan Clutch

3C3Z 8600 AB / ---------------------------------------------------Cooling Fan

3C3Z 8501 AB / ---------------------------------------------------Water Pump (2003/2004 Early Build up to 9/30/03)*

4C3Z 8501 AC / ---------------------------------------------------Water Pump (Late Build 9/30/03 and after 2004)2005/2006/2007))*

3C3Z 8575 AA /1839304C92------------------------------------Thermostat (190°F)

4C4Z 8575 AA / 1837971C91-----------------------------------Thermostat (190°F)

3C3Z 8255 AA /----------------------------------------------------Thermostat O-Ring

3C3Z 9A543 AARM / 5010106R93------------------------------HPOP(High Pressure Oil Pump) 2003/Early 2004))*
4C3Z 9A543 AARM (Late Build 2004)*

5C4Z 9A543 C / 5010119R92-----------------------------------HPOP(High Pressure Oil Pump) 2005/2006/2007))*

W301383 (Ford Hardware PN) -------------------------------- High pressure rail hold down bolts

W300049 (Ford Hardware PN)---------------------------------10mm Hold Down Nut (Dipstick to Valve Cover, Ficm Hold Downs etc.)

3C3Z 6C683 AB / 1838526C2-----------------------------------HPOP Updated Screen

3C3Z 6619 EA / ---------------------------------------------------HPOP Cover Gasket

/ 839187C3---------------------------------------------------------HPOP Cover (2003/2004)*

5C3Z 9G805 C / 1845411C1------------------------------------HPOP Cover (2005/2006/2007)*

3C3Z 6608 B /-----------------------------------------------------Ford 6.0 Oil Pump (Production Date Before 9/22/03 F250, F350, F450, F550/International VT365)*

4C3Z 6608 B / ----------------------------------------------------Ford 6.0 Oil Pump (Production Date After 9/22/03 F250, F350, F450, F550/International VT365)

3C3Z 6608 BA / ---------------------------------------------------Oil Pump Gears

4C3Z 9B246 F / 1879930C93-----------------------------------STC Fitting (HPOP (2004.5/2005/2006/2007))*

5C3Z 6K632 A / 1844127C91-----------------------------------Turbo Assembly

5C3Z 9G489 ACRM------------------------------------------------Turbo Center Section (Rotating Assembly)*

3C3Z-6N639-BA/1846207C1----------------------------------- Turbo Pedestal to 9-22-03 (2003 pedestal)

5c3Z-6N639-AA / -------------------------------------------------Turbo Pedestal from 9-22-03 (2004.25+)

5C3Z 6F089 BA / --------------------------------------------------VGT Solenoid

1837984C91------------------------------------------------------Turbine Wheel + Shaft

3C3Z 6K854 DA/ --------------------------------------------------Exhaust "Y Pipe"

3C3Z 6K854 AA / -------------------------------------------------Up-Pipe

3C3Z 6N640 AA / -------------------------------------------------Up-Pipe to Y-Pipe gasket

F81Z 8287 EA / ---------------------------------------------------Turbo Up Pipe Clamp

W300013 (Ford Hardware PN)---------------------------------Y-Pipe Bolt (Long 4 Required)*

W300006 (Ford Hardware PN)---------------------------------Y-Pipe Bolt (Short 2 Required)*

W300051 (Ford Hardware PN)---------------------------------Y-Pipe nut (6 Required)*

3C3Z 9T514 AG / 1840053C96 --------------------------------Turbo Hardware "Mounting" Kit

4C4Z 9V424 AA / 1870713C91---------------------------------Turbo Reconditioning Kit with Hardware

6C3Z 9T515 A / 1876071C91-----------------------------------Updated Turbo Drain

3C3Z 9T516 A / 1845287C96-----------------------------------Updated Turbo Feed

W300012 (Ford Hardware PN)---------------------------------Turbo Drain Orings

3C3Z 9t514 A / ----------------------------------------------------Old Braided Turbo Feed

3C3Z 6C885 A /----------------------------------------------------Turbo Unison Ring

6C3Z 6C640 AA / -------------------------------------------------Cold Side Inter-cooler Tube (2003/2004) Replaces Plastic on 2005 and up))*

6C2Z 6K786 AA /--------------------------------------------------Clamp

6C3Z 6K786 CA /--------------------------------------------------Clamp

6C3Z 6C640 C /---------------------------------------------------Turbo Hose - Shorter Hose (Blue) or (Red-Orange) - Before 10-14-2004

6C3Z 6C640 A /---------------------------------------------------Turbo Hose - Longer Hose (Red-Orange) - From 10-14-2004

6C3Z 6C640 B /---------------------------------------------------CAC Hose (Red-Orange)

5C3Z 6K769 BA /--------------------------------------------------Metal Duct-Dual Generator - Shorter Duct - From 10-14-2004

6C3Z 6K769 A /---------------------------------------------------Metal Duct-Dual Generator - Longer Duct - Before 10-14-2004

5C3Z 6K769 AA /--------------------------------------------------Metal Duct-Single Generator - Shorter Duct - From 10-14-2004

6C3Z 6K769 B /---------------------------------------------------Metal Duct-Single Generator - Longer Duct - Before 10-14-2004

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Very nice! This is a great idea. 05 and up 6.0s came with a plastic intercooler pipe that becomes brittle and cracks every so often. A common "upgrade" is to install the earlier model intercooler pipe which is metal.

METAL Intercooler Pipe (Cold Side) - Ford Part # 6C3Z-6C640-AA

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never had a prob wit the plastic boost tube, but just changed over 2 the CFM kit anyways !!!

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PHONE: (651)484-7251 EXT 3 (PARTS)



PHONE: (909)822-8736



PHONE:1-800-328-9552 (Mention this site for discount)


3C3Z 6A642 CA /----------------------------Oil Cooler Kit (Cooler+Screen+Cover O-Ring)*

3C3Z 6A642 AA / 1843068C97-----------Oil Cooler Kit (Entire Assembly with Cover)*

3C3Z-6A642-CA/----------------------------Oil Cooler (11th Row Added) NEWEST VERSION!!!!!!)*

3C3Z 6K702 AA -----------------------------Oil Cooler Diagnostic Vavle (Mounts on Oil Cooler Cover)*

3C3Z 9P458 AA -----------------------------Coolant Port Cover on Oil Cooler Top Cover (Where the Blue Hose For EGR Cooler Connects)

3C3Z 6619 EA-------------------------------Coolant Port Cover O-Ring

3C3Z 6675 AA ----------------------------- Oil Pan

3C3Z 6710 BA ------------------------------Oil Pan Gasket

W300002 (Ford Hardware PN)----------Oil Pan Bolts Short

W300014 (Ford Hardware PN)----------Oil Pan Bolts Long

2C3Z-6A340-AA ------------------------ Bolt (m10 x 1.5 x 38)

AP0019---------------------------------------FICM Connector (Alliant Power 2003-2007 6.0)

4C3Z9G609AA-------------------------------IPR Heat Shield

W300032 / 1838326C1--------------------Intake Manifold Bolt (Unstudded)

3C3Z6A831AA-------------------------------Engine Oil Filter Adapter Seal (Between Intake and Oil Filter Housing)

3C3Z9P457AA-------------------------------Diesel Throttle Body Gasket (2 REQ...Elbow to Throttle Body/Throttle Body to Intake)

3C3Z9P455AB-------------------------------EGR Gasket Kit

EK111-----------------------------------------Crankcase Vent Tube (Interior Style 2003)

1830858C1----------------------------------RTV T-442 Silicon Rubber (HPOP COVER)

TA 31 -----------------------------------------Motorcraft RTV Silicone Sealant

PM 13 ----------------------------------------Motorcraft High Temp Anti Corrosion Coating

PM 4 B ---------------------------------------Motorcraft Metal Brake Parts Cleaner

8C3Z 6730 A -----------------------6.0 Oil Drain Plug (2003/2004/2005/2006/2007) 2008/2009/2010 6.4L))*

4C2Z 6C604 A------------------------------E-Series Oil Drain Plug (2005/2006/2007/2008/2009/2010)*

3C3Z 6626 AA -----------------------------Pick Up Tube O Ring

4C3Z 2A451 AB ----------------------------Vacuum Pump

3C3Z 6A051 AA ---------------------------Block Heater

5C3Z 6B018-DA ---------------------------Block Heater Cord

6C2Z-11002-AA --------------------------Starter (Automatic)*

TRANSMISSION (5r110 & 6 speed)

5C3P 7A108 AA--------------------------Front Pump

5C34 7A095 CB--------------------------Transmission Cooler

5C3Z 7R081 CA--------------------------Transmission Oil Cooler Tube

8C3Z 7A194 B----------------------------Transmission Pan (2008/2009/2010 (Upgrade for 03-07))*

8C3Z 70098 D----------------------------Transmission Filter (2008/2009/2010 (Upgrade for 03-07))*

3C3Z 6G091 A / --------------------------Engine Rear Cover (Automatic Transmission)*

3C3Z 6G091 B / ------------------------- Engine Rear Cover (Manual Transmission)*

3C3Z 7B155 BA / -------------------------External Transmission Filter (Toilet Paper Roll Official PS.ORG Terms)*

5C3Z-7B155-AA---------------------------External Transmission Filter Housing and Filter

3C3Z-7C155-DA / ------------------------Valve Body Gasket

4C3Z-7D376-AA / ------------------------Manual Valve

4C3Z-7G383-AA / ------------------------Line Pressure Control Solenoid

3C3Z-7J136-BA / -------------------------Torque Converter Control Solenoid

3C3Z-7Z276-AA / ------------------------Solenoid Harness Sealing O-Ring

5C3T-15525-ES---------------------------Transmission Wiring Harness

3C3Z-7A020-BB / -------------------------Transmission Dipstick

8C3Z-7M101-A ----------------------------Input Speed Sensor

3C3Z 7J136 BA ----------------------------Direct Clutch Solenoid (XXXX XXXXX XX - GO GO Direct Clutch Solenoid)*

3C3Z 7H200 AA ---------------------------Gasket Solenoid Screen

4C2Z-7E395-DB---------------------------Shift Cable


Front Springs:

5C34 5310 AHB-----------------------------4,000 FGAWR

5C34 5310 AGB-----------------------------4,400 FGAWR

5C34 5310 AFB-----------------------------4,800 FGAWR

5C34 5310 AEB-----------------------------5,200 FGAWR

5C34 5310 ADB-----------------------------5,600 FGAWR

5C34 5310 ACB-----------------------------6,000 FGAWR

5C34-5310 ABB-----------------------------6,500 FGAWR

5C34 5310 AAB-----------------------------7,000 FGAWR

4C3Z 3A719 C-------------------------------Power Steering Pressure Line

4C3Z 3A713 A-------------------------------Power Steering Return Line

E5TZ 5A636 A-------------------------------Rear Bump Stops (1994-2011 F-Series)*

AC3Z-2B120-A- -----------------------------Right Brake Caliper (Passenger Side (2005/2006/2007))*

AC3Z-2B121-A-------------------------------Left Brake Caliper (Driver Side (2005/2006/2007))*

F81Z 1125 DA--------------------------------Front Rotors

5U2Z-2V001-FA------------------------------Front Brake Pads

F81Z-2078-BB--------------------------------Front Brake Hose

F81Z-2078-BA--------------------------------Front Brake Hose

6C3Z 2C006 AA------------------------------Trailer Brake Controller

2C3T 15A416 AE-----------------------------Trailer Brake Controller Harness

YC3Z 2A635 BB-------------------------------RH Parking Brake Cable

6C3Z 2A635 E---------------------------------LH Parking Brake Cable

YC3Z 2A793 A---------------------------------Parking Brake Intermediate Cable

E7TZ 2B373 B---------------------------------Brake Proportioning Valve

1C3Z 3B396 CB- ----------------------------Lockout Hub Assembly (1999/2000/2001/2002/2003/2004)*

AC3Z 3B396 A--------------------------------Lockout Hub Assembly (2005/2006/2007/2008/2009/2010)*

5C3Z 3254 A---------------------------------Outer Axle Seals (2005,2006.2007)*

F81Z 3254 CB--------------------------------Outer Axle Seals (1999,200,2001,2002,2003,2004)*

BL3Z 4676 A---------------------------------10.5" Rear Pinion Seal (ALL)*

CC3Z 1S175 A--------------------------------10.5" Rear Axle Seals (ALL)*

FOAZ 14N089 A ------------------------------Common Ford Relay (Horn, Wipers, 4x4!!!!!!) 2 Under Hood for ESOF Engage / Disengage)*

Apperance, Cosmetic, Interior Exterior

5C3Z 9942528 AA---------------------------2005/2006/2007 Door Name Plate (The Nice Looking Powerstroke Emblem)*

5C3Z 8213 AA--------------------------------2005/2206/2007 Grille Emblem

6C3Z 8200 BA--------------------------------2005/2206/2007 Grille

6C3Z 8200 DA--------------------------------2005/2006/2007 Harley Davidson Grille

5C3Z 16720 VA-------------------------------2005/2006/2007 F250 Fender Badge

5C3Z 16720 SA-------------------------------2005/2006/2007 F350 Fender Badge

6C3Z 13008 DA, -----------------------------Harley Headlight (Left)*
6C3Z 13008 DB

6C3Z 13008 CB-------------------------------Harley Headlight (Right)*

13411 BA --------------------------------------2008 style reverse bulb socket

14S4111 BEA --------------------------------2008 style reverse bulb socket wiring pigtail

13411S A -------------------------------------2005 2008 tail/turn/brake bulb socket

7C3Z 13405 A---------------------------------2008 Tail Light RH

7C3Z 13404 A---------------------------------2008 Tail Light LH

5C3Z 11654 AAA / SW-6154 -------------- Headlight Switch, w/o fog, w/o autolamps

5C3Z 11654 BAA / SW-6155 -------------- Headlight Switch, w/o fog, with autolamps

5C3Z 11654 CAA / SW-6156 -------------- Headlight Switch, with fog, w/o autolamps

5C3Z 11654 FAA / SW-6157 -------------- Headlight Switch, with fog, with autolamps

5C3Z 15A211 BA ---------------------------- Fog light pigtail harness (fog lights back to frame connector)

6C3Z 15200 AA ------------------------------ Lamp Assy Fog (Right)

6C3Z 15200 BA ------------------------------ Lamp Assy Fog (Left)

W710891S437 (Ford Hardware PN) ---------------M6-1x86.5mm Bolt (2 req'd per fog light)

W706599S439 (Ford Hardware PN) ---------------M6-1x21mm Bolt and Washer Assy (1 req'd per fog light)

W520822S439 (Ford Hardware PN) ---------------M6 Spring Nut (3 req'd per fog light)

4C3Z-14A626-AA-----------------------------Keyless Entry Keypad (2003/2004) Many Late 90's to Early 00's Fords))*

7L2Z-14A626-BA----------------------------- Keyless Entry Keypad (2005/2006/2007) Many Mid 00"s To Current Fords))*


Fleetguard ---------------------WF-2077

Baldwin -------------------------B5134

John Deere ---------------------RE11992

Caterpillar ----------------------9Y4528

Cummins -----------------------3300721

Wix ------------------------------24070

Napa ----------------------------407

AC-Delco -----------------------WF-108

Fram -----------------------------PR3383

Donaldson ---------------------P554685

Alliance ------------------------WF2077

Carquest ----------------------89070

Hastings ----------------------WC8


F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------100-001 T50T-100-A Slide Hammer

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------100-002 TOOL-4201-C Dial Indicator Gauge with Holding Fixture

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-017 T65L-6250-A Service Set, Camshaft

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-050 T70P-6000 Lifting Bracket, Engine

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-477 T94T-6002-AH Gauge, Keystone Piston Ring

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-591 303-591 Wrench, Fan Clutch Nut

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-625 303-625 Quick Disconnect Tool

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-755 303-755 Disconnect Tool, Quick-Release Coupling

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-756 303-756 Adapter, Oil Pressure Leak Test

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-757 303-757 Adapter, Compression Test

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-758 303-758 Adapter, Crankcase Pressure Test

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-759 303-759 Lifting Bracket, Cylinder Head

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-760 303-760 Remover, EGR Valve

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-761 303-761 Installer, Crankshaft Front Seal and Wear Ring

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-762 303-762 Remover, Crankshaft Front Wear Ring

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-763 303-763 Installer, Glow Plug Sleeve

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-764 303-764 Remover, Glow Plug Sleeve

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-765 303-765 Adapter, High-Pressure Pump Test

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-766 303-766 Adapter, High-Pressure Rail Test

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-767 303-767 Installer, Fuel Injector Sleeve

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-768 303-768 Remover, Fuel Injector Sleeve

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-769 303-769 Socket, Fuel Injector Pressure Regulator Valve

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-770 303-770 Installer, Crankshaft Rear Seal and Wear Ring

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-771 303-771 Remover, Crankshaft Rear Wear Ring

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-772 303-772 Alignment Tool, Camshaft

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-D027 D81L-4201-A Feeler Gauge Set

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-D032 D81L-6002-C Compressor, Piston Ring

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-D043 D83T-6000-B Lifting Attachment, Engine

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-D043-01 303-D043-01 Adapter for 303-D043

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-D043-02 303-D043-02 Adapter for 303-D043

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------303-D060 D86T-6701-B Remover, Oil Seal

F-250, 350 Super Duty 6.0L Diesel --------------------------310-S039 T90T-9550-S Disconnect Tool, Spring Lock Coupling

#SP03-------------------------------Autoenginuity Ford Powerstroke-----------------------------2003-07 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Tools and Diagnostics | AutoEnginuity
250-4202----------------------------ARP Head Studs (2003/2004/2005/2006/2007)* | ARP Diesel Kit Selection
6763 --------------------------------OTC High Pressure Fuel Rail Adapters-------------------------
6766--------------------------------OTC Injector Release Tool-----------------------------------Ford 6.0L Injector Harness Connector Release Tool OTC6766 - Mechanics Tools and Bits
6765--------------------------------OTC IPR Socket---------------------------------------------,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bf28bbc595eebe63&biw=1440&bih=770
6974--------------------------------OTC Fan Clutch Wrench-------------------------------------,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bf28bbc595eebe63
14500-------------------------------Lisle Oil/Fuel Filter Socket-----------------------------------,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bf28bbc595eebe63&biw=1440&bih=770
VC-9--------------------------------MOTORCRAFT COOLANT FLUSH------------------------------ Information.pdf
CC2610------------------------------FLEETGAURD RESTORE--------------------------------------Truck Parts for Semi,Trailer,Heavy Duty Trucks @ RyderFleetProducts
CC2638------------------------------FLEETGAURD RESTORE +------------------------------------Cooling system cleaner restore plus, CC2638, Fleetguard Cummins - Ryder Fleet Products
CAT ELC-----------------------------CAT ELC---------------------------------------------------
ZXED-1/ZRXED1----------------------ZEREX ELC CAT EC-1--------------------------------------- Extended Life.pdf
550019853---------------------------ROTELLA T6 5W-40 SYN------------------------------------Shell Rotella® Products - Shell Rotella
REVX--------------------------------REVX------------------------------------------------------About | REV-X Products, Inc.
NT-EGRC-1--------------------------BULLETPROOF DIESER EGR COOLER---------------------------BulletProof EGR Coolers
SMC-EGRD-6.0---------------------- Sinister EGR Delete------------------------------------------EGR Delete Kit | Diesel Performance Parts | MKM Customs - Diesel Performance Products and Accessories
SMC-COOLFIL-6.0-------------------Sinister Coolant Filtration-------------------------------------2003-2007 6.0L Coolant Filtration Kit |MKM Customs
CCV---------------------------------CCV MOD---------------------------------------------------
solenoid60---------------------------GO GO Direct Solenoid---------------------------------------
ICB60-------------------------------VPMAX IC Boots---------------------------------------------PowerStroke 6.0L 03-07 Intercooler Boot Kit w/ Spring Clamps
RIFF RAFF DIESEL---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Riffraff Diesel Performance Parts: - OEM/Factory Parts
PICO Electrical Connectors------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Thanks guys will edit when I get to my laptop agreed on the turbo unison ring will find the garrett number the interchange parts list is somewhat vauge

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Sadly, I think we will find turbo parts will not match up to International.

Also, I believe most Ford "kits" are just that, kits put together for Ford, easier ordering, less chance of, "Oh by the way, we are out of that one piece that is needed to finish your repair" line.

And I really don't know if that PDF will or has been updated at all. Although, probably not much to update since this covers 06s.

Good luck with your project.

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Ok Removed dashes from Ford Part #'s and added the Rad hose clamp, lets keep it going whos got one?

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3C3Z 6051 CA 3C346G098AF NAV 1847028C96 KIT GSKT HD CYL 1847028C96

next one isn't described as a head gasket:
5C3Z 6079 B 5C346079AB NAV 1858190C92 SET GSKT VLV GRND 1858190C92

3C3Z 9439 AA 3C349439AA NAV 1836542C1 GSKT-INTK MANF TO CYL HD 1836542C1

3C3Z 6750 AA 3C346750BC NAV 1844444C3 IND ASY-OIL LVL 1844444C3

3C3Z 6881 CA 3C346881BC NAV 1847056C93 ADPT ASY-OIL FLTR 1847056C93

This one is weird description:
3C3Z 9G270 AA 3C349G270AA NAV 1843057C91 CAP-FU/TNK SNDR OLET TUB 1843057C91

4C2Z 12A690 BA 4C2414B112BB NAV* 1845695C93 WIR ASY-GL/PLG RLY BUS 1845695C93

Used the numbers in your list.

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Thanks for your help the international part numbers suck trying to find i updated the list. Should be a powerful tool when its done

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Also looking for hyperlinks to RESORE RESTORE PLUS OIL ETC in Aftermarket Part numbers too if there are any, good places to buy the stuff anything will help. Added links for some tools REV X etc.

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Nice job- I just ordered some 6.0 parts from Tousley Ford and the intake gasket p/n has changed to 3c3z-9439-bj and the p/n 3c3z-9t514-ad is a turbo gasket kit if I understand them right. Might want to double check to be sure. Keep up the good work-this is the kind of stuff that really benifits us.

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Nice job- I just ordered some 6.0 parts from Tousley Ford and the intake gasket p/n has changed to 3c3z-9439-bj and the p/n 3c3z-9t514-ad is a turbo gasket kit if I understand them right. Might want to double check to be sure. Keep up the good work-this is the kind of stuff that really benifits us.
are those the individual gaskets or the kit? 3c3z-9t514-ad ill look into thanks for the info

Tousley says this:

Part Number 3C3Z9T514AD
MSRP $11.27
Core $0.00
Online Price $7.44

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took that from colo_dually's bulletproofing thread here

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Got a link for the RESTORE products Super Diesel? Thanks good info man
Sorry, I thought that was a NAPA Part#. I googled the part# and it took me to "" - here

I'm guessing that's what he used for the Restore and ELCs :dunno:
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