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Just did an oil cooler on a new to me 2006 F350 6.0 dually truck is studded and deleted deltas we’re getting high so I figured it was time. I’ve done many oil coolers and headgasket jobs on these trucks as I’ve had a few but this is the first time turning a wrench on this truck. So I got the oil cooler job all done and went to crank the truck I cranked for a while as I know it takes a bit to get the oil system primed after an oil cooler job. Had the truck on two battery boosters to keep battery’s up and gave ample time in between cranking to let starter cool. Eventually the dummy gauge on the dash showed oil pressure ( didn’t have my sct with me but it was not enough to fire the truck) so I started looking for leaks and found one between the big square cover and the rear drop cover that the egr delete goes to.
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