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For about 3 weeks now, I have been unable to start my truck after doing standpipes, dummy plugs, oil cooler, stc fitting, and injectors(A lot of time waiting on testing tools). Testing through the IPR, there is evidently a large HPO leak as you can hear a large air leak on the driver side and possibly a small leak on the passenger side. The system won't even hold any air pressure, so if you turn off the air the leak stops. Taking off the driver side valve cover, it seemed like the leak was toward the back of the oil rail. Stand pipe is fine, oil rail is fine, oil rail nipples are fine, dummy plug is fine, top of injectors look fine. What are some possible leak locations in that area?

Side note: While pushing air through the system with the oil rail off, shouldn't you be able to feel air coming through the standpipe hole? With my understanding you should, but in my testing I did not.

Any help is appreciated.
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