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6.0 hits rev limiter on startup

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My trucks glow plugs are normally done in about 8 seconds on the morning start. i put new boots on my truck and now when i go to star it the plugs just keep running. And then when i go to start it the truck just over revs and i have to shut it off. im sure if i didnt turn the key off it would go up to the rev limiter. i already have disconnected the batteries for a few hours and the same thing happens. thanks
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GP's should never take 8 seconds at first start IME except maybe on a fully warmed engine and even then in AZ temps I can see them come on for a bit after she has run and the light takes longer to go out

you are go pedal by wire so hard to say what's up with your WOT if the floor mat is not on the pedal

and chances this is a oil fed runaway are slim since you can shut it down with a key
you are talking CAC boots right ?
did u use solvents to clean anything ?
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