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I really would appreciate y'alls help, I don't have time to take this truck to the shop because I work with it and need these things to work soon and I am at a standstill with what to do!!!

I have a 2005 f250 6.0 Powerstroke King Ranch.

I was changing my dome lights over to LED ones and I forgot that I had left my key on, as I was testing if they were working and screwed the light back in, then sparks happened (I'm assuming when the screw hit the metal it was screwed into) and then my radio, power windows and reader lights on the dome lights do not work anymore. I am assuming something shorted out because it doesn't seem like anything else could have happened.

I have replaced a few things in the cab fuse box: the position 601 30A circuit breaker and the position 306 Full ISO Relay, both the exact thing I need from the Ford dealership. This is because from what I read those are the things that affect those three things from not working, and often times when they are out in sequence those two things are blown.

Both are replaced and it has not fixed the problem, I am at a standstill and need a functioning truck, if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it!! Any suggestions??
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