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Hi All,

Relatively new to the forum here. I'm having an issue with my truck that after 2 weeks of on and off diagnosis, I'm stumped.

The Story (This is going to be a long one, but please stick with me as im trying to include all info !)

After having the truck in the shop multiple times in the last year, (transmission rebuild, Hpop replacement and a freak suspension/frame mishap), I thought i would be rolling down the road care free for a while. My beloved 2004 6.0 decided to show me otherwise.

I was driving on flat ground at about 35 mph in Portland Or, when the engine suddenly died. It didn't "sputter out"... just simply died. In fact it was so sudden and quiet, i only noticed due to loss of power steering and brakes, as i mentioned I was on flat ground and don't recall giving throttle. I checked fluid levels and tried a half dozen times or so to start the truck. It would crank strong, but no start. I had the truck towed back home and plugged into the obd port and downloaded Forscan. It showed Multiple codes. There was a code related to the FICM (I would have to go back and find the code if necessary). My brother in law, a mechanic thought this the likely culprit, so we replaced the ficm circuit board. This did not seem to change the issue. I then chased down another TC related to the Icp sensor. I replaced the sensor and the code went away just like the ficm. But still no start. I checked/cleaned anther sensor or two based off some google searches and youtube videos related to crank no start issues. None seemed to help. Then someone suggested i go back to the basics and check to make sure i had enough fuel. I recalled having around a 1/4 tank when it died. However where the truck is currently parked in slightly inclined and the gauge shows closer to 1/8. I bought 5 gallons of fuel to be safe, and added it in. I also saw a video warning that if you run your tank low, even if not running out of fuel (which i have never done, though admittedly get close often), that perhaps air has been introduced to the line and needs to be purged. After adding the fuel i cycled the ignition 8 times per recommendation of a youtube mechanic. Cranked with fully charged batteries for about 10 seconds, nothing. Then again for another 10 seconds with high hopes, nothing. I was frustrated and nearly gave up, but remembered i wanted to monitor the oil pressure gauge while cranking to see if ti would rise. I watched for 5 or 6 seconds while cranking, and the engine fire up. It idled and revved up like normal! I thought that this was perhaps a much more simple issue, and would be that easy! Until the next day when i went to drive it to work. I drive a mile or two, and the same issue occurred while driving down a hill. I park the truck in the nearest parking lot i can swing into. Cycle the key a few times like before, and it reluctantly starts up. I reverse 15 feet or so, and rpms go to 0. Back to square one.
Fast forward one week and 6000 miles of cross country travel. I return to the truck and dig back in.
I decide to call my mechanic with the new info about it finally firing up. At this point he seems fairly certain it is the lift pump. At the cost of a 220 part and an hour of work i figure its worth a try. After all, there are no new error codes that seem to apply, and no CEL on. I replace the pump and filters, and go to try, again with the highest of hopes. After some light cranking, it starts! Once again, i think i've got it. But this time i decided no to test drive it, but to let it idle for a while to make sure before having to call a tow truck for the 4th time this year. After 30 mins at idle, and some revving, mostly for fun, all seems to be normal. I decide its probably safe to drive and see how things are on the road. I put it in drive, and after 18 or so inches. It again dies.

Ok, still reading??

I decided that i had no clue what to do next, so clearly the best option is keep trying to start it. After it sat for a few minutes, i got it to fire up again. Now at this point I'm again back to square one. So its time to try and teach myself more about Forscan and what it can do. I find a way to take real time readings as the truck runs.
A couple things i was told to monitor was the icp readings. Specifically The ICP Desired, Actual and voltage. The Desired was 4000 and the actual was also 4000. The voltage said .8 which as i understand is normal at idle. So this seems to be fine? I ran multiple other scans, and the only error codes at this point are :

Code: B1342 - ECU internal fault

Module: Overhead Trip Computer

Diagnostic Trouble Code details

ECU internal fault

Code: P1876 - Transfer Case 2-Wheel Drive Solenoid Circuit Open Or Short To Ground

Module: Generic Electronic Module

Diagnostic Trouble Code details

Transfer Case 2-Wheel Drive Solenoid Circuit Open Or Short To Ground

I called another mechanic who came highly recommended from a friend. He seemed to think based upon this story that there may be a leak in the high pressure oil side. Saying that the rail pressure is reading normal at idle when the oil is cold, but may be dropping once driven due to higher pressure being required?

I'm sure there's info i may be leaving out, but this has taken place over 3 weeks, so i may not recall all at once.

I'm far from being a diesel tech, but have been out of work for 3 weeks now thanks to covid. So with the extra time and little income
i'm trying to figure out as much as possible on my own. Any info or leads are greatly appreciated! Hope everyone is doing well during this crazy time.

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