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6.0 Chat Thread

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Alright, since nobody else has done it yet, I guess it's up to me to start this one. That way we can get back to "on topic" in the "what did you do" thread :lol: No topics in particular required.........if it doesn't take off I'll kill it, otherwise I figure it may help wrangle in a couple of the other threads. Up to you guys though.

So there's the awkward start haha.....
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Good idea.

Didn't want to start a thread for this so I'll leave it here. Do I really need to mess with a starter upgrade to a 6.4 or 6.7 model? No starting issues, but my stocker doesn't exactly spin like mad, either. I have to pull it to install my Fumoto block drain so I figure that is the time to do it. I know to avoid the Chinese aftermarket junk, so where is the best place to score an OEM unit?

(If this isn't what you had in mind for this thread, nuke this post for me por favor.

Gas $173 at Costco yesterday why is diesel still $229 ????

How do I get back out of here?!!

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How can you stand and type? I type like 85 wpm, I dont think I could do it standing up. I'd like to finally get dual monitors though!! Been waiting for months.

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i can make up to 60 typos per minute...does that count?

You guys are rough. I think I'm gonna like it here.
this still beats being on the hone with the sub-geniuses at att and trying to keep a straight face while they self righteously contradict themselves repeatedly blamin yhou for their failures...
must all be hitlery supporters :doh:
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Hey john..
I feel better :rofl:

Opened the thread to this. Nope.



I'm out. LOL
23 pages skimmed through
not sure i missed anything important :look:
I think i need to go make more coffee :nod:
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so pinky I pit the badges on then my camera died I cant get the other ones to want to peel too much crap on there so i might have to rework em at some point but will send you a pic when i can. oh and i got stung by a was putting on the second one so it went on a tad crooked :tard:

are we shooting for 50k as fast as we ca or is everyone just really bored last couple days :rofl:
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Nahhhh, I just encourage the behavior and don't participate. :cool:

I never have the heart to correct your grammar. :hehe: I am very much looking forward to the pictures of your rig with her new badges!! :thumb:
its going to get worse :eek: my keyboard is breaking and half the letters I type, aren't showing up :scared:

I gotta get something quiet on it for the next trip pulling the 5er. Wife is not going to put up with wearing ear plugs for 10 hours again. LOL

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I guess as long as it is 4 in and 4 out it'll work. Just thought the Donaldson's were quieter. Want to rig it up so I can go back to straight when not towing. Have to look more when I have some more time tonight.

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someone on here had a donaldson 41" and or 51" 4 inch muffler for sale I can;t remember exactly what but it was like last week.

No thanks....
101 in town today :eek: always at least 10 degrees cooler here 1600' elevation gain and no pavement :thumb:

I have no legal obligation to emissions :)
Humboldt county has none
you misunderstand.
you are still obligated by the once great state of commiefornia to HAVE all your stupid equipment just not obligated to have it inspected every other year.

and now time to walk the dogs :woot:
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found 10 acres I want for the meadery close by here with an rv park only 20 spots rv park on 5 then build a long house for the meadery
now ... i just need to win the lottery to pay for it :doh:
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saw this and thought of you immediately


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what hill did you climb?
donner summit by any chance?
seems they finally changed the name of the "donner party memorial picnic area"
my wife went to the lake today and ran into a bunch of old friends while i wen to town did paper work and took care of stuff
I got jipped :hehe:
but ...
those egt's are lookin pretty good :thumb:
101 in town today just left truck and a/c running everywhere for the dogs
so truck ran for about 3 hours
heading uphill to my house from town today I hit 950 to 1050 and tickled 1100 at one point.
hit tow haul and dropped it to about 800/850
truck ran really nice today ...
have i mentioned i LOVE this truck :D
101 in town today just left truck and a/c running everywhere for the dogs
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Ya that was headed up the summit to reno.
I kinda figured as you are light on hills in sacto.

IF people actually show up for work today I'll be going down to Riverside after 5. Debating on if we should take the truck or the Kia... 6.0 problems or possible rod bearing failure...
take the kia when it imploes yohu can get her a truck >:)

Sob. That house is already in contract. Can't get my hands on inventory quick enough
I have a bit of research to do but might be onto something a bit closer to me that is slated to skyrocket. it is in cali but will keep you posted if you wish. I am NOT heading to fernly if i can help it :hehe: :rofl:

Sounds real technical. Guess I need to get my boots on.
I would try removing the handle to access the pulll bars (if that is the term) first or I have a small cats paw for finish work that is good if yohu can access the latch at all. not familiar with the x cab system other than i have seen one when i was paying no real close attention :dunno:

Sounds good, I'm going down to the freezer and dig out some rib eyes and get em defrosted and into the marinade. The trouble with butchering your own beef is one freezer is full of burger, and you always run out of steaks first. I get tired of trying to find different ways to use burger
I have a great trick for burger take 20 pounds of burger straight from the freezer. then grab 5 pounds of dry ice, packit all into an insulated shipping container and send it to me :nod:
:rofl: :hehe: :rofl:
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Well here we go, top 3 shelves are beef, bottom two are pork, the freezer on the left is all deer and a little bit of elk. That one is only about half full. And I still have a deer and antelope tag this year and my wife has deer and elk tags
I wish i liked deer and elk better. we have gazelle deer elk and all kinds of other stuff around here but i will take cow every time >:) :hehe:
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ok, I'll bite, WTF is the gold can?
golden ticket for drunks? :rofl:
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I didn't even know busch still made "beer" :dunno:
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Busch Light: It's like water, only cheaper.

I throw nuts.
what does american light beer and sex in a canoe have in common?


Too easy had too!!

I like lamp...
:rofl: I had forgotten about that clown :taze:

ther're both ****in close to water
:hehe:.. cause you of all people have authority to take one :poke

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just to see what one looks like? :taze: >:) :wall:
What are you, related to my wife?

Welcome to my world! Although we did agree to purchase that 40 year old modular. I'm not sure if we will get it though. See quote above^^.
Originally Posted by View Post
Sob. That house is already in contract. Can't get my hands on inventory quick enough

last house I reied to buy I offered full asking and split the closing costs
bank countered with i pay all costs
I accepted and they declined :crying: I didnt even think bank of attitude could do that :taze: I thought there was a law that your counter was binding upon acceptance by the other party :dunno:
B of A is the worse. Here's a warning for anyone in CA. If you bank with B of A, and owe CA money for tickets, DMV, or anything else, the state is somehow authorized to remove money for these fees from Bank of America. It has happened to at least 3 of my friends. A contractor in Pasadena who is a buddy, owed me $3600 for backhoe work, so put the cash in the bank and wrote me a check. This was on Friday. By Monday $3200 was missing, and B of A told us the CA DMV TOOK IT. Apparently he owed penalties on his F450 that had been parked for 3 years, so they took it. I won't have anything to do with B of A if I can help it.

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bank of attitude is evil. that was the biggest reason i refused to play after that :(

and page 1600, if i remember right, of the wealth care bill, gives any agency the "right" to drain any bank account for any reason. :rod:

a friend of mine had is account emptied for fees he did not owe and bounced everything as he had just sent out checks for his bills. only got about half back even though he never owed in the first place...operating costs :doh:
there is NO part of the system that functions anymore :sad:
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I had an old 028 work boss until a couple years ago it finally seized :doh:
got a new husky but as you said the old sthils are hard to beat.
at least it went on as a parts saw for a buddy. :thumb:
even the parts, just like on cars and trucks, suck these days :(
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We just had another tree come down and nail the neighbors garage.
thats three trees in the last couple months

oh and my best friend had a 68 cougar in high school.
great car
ok made a late trip to town came home and ran up the road in the back yard to let the dogs take care of business and found an 8 point buck in my backyard!
thing was HUGE :nod:
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Lol. 19 people shot in Chicago over the weekend, brings the year to date total to 2300.
So blacks can kill each other, but it's forbidden for police to shoot a thug.
Got it.
well if the cops shoot them in self defense it is racially motivated where as if they shoot each other they are forceinto it by being victims of racially motivated cops...
starting to see how that works :tard:

Keep your foot out of it :scuffy:
like THAT'S gunna happen :scuffy: :woot:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: : :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Check out my new fly whip!
what? what is that?
kill it before it multiplies :look:

How much are they charging for the one way rental?

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seems only fair to pay YOU to drive that ....thing :look:
always go for the caddy upgrade :woot: :thumb:
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this is why i dont have tv
i have no time to listen to one imbecile liar socialist scumbag nut job tell me i should vote for another socialist scumbag liar murderer, thieving power mad psychotic sociopath.
these people (and I use that term losely) are so unfit to lead as to unworthy of the trust needed to water my plants while I am on vacation, yet they want me to trust them to steer my country. sorry not happening
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