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6.0 bulletproof

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So I have a 2006 f250 6.0 truck. It currently has a bulletproof egr and oil cooler. But as I've seen quite frequently in other forums and chats is that I, like many, have the egr unplugged and not functional. The truck also has a 12 inch lift sitting on 40s. She runs like a champ but i have recently installed a sct x4 tuner on the truck running the canned tunes.

My question though is for anyone with a lifted truck or if any diesel mechanics knows if it is more expensive to do head gaskets or head studs on a lifted truck. I know there is two ways that being a cab off or pulling the engine out of the truck. Which concerns me due to the fact that I don't know how much more room there is going to be left for someone to work if they pull the cab off my truck. So if any one knows if a lifted truck is more expensive to work on in the engine bay please let me know and if you know the average price that would be awesome.
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Each shop will be different. From a basic standpoint, a lifted truck is always harder to work on. If the shop has a quality lift, the cab will still be able to come off. If they aren't able to pull the cab, they will charge you more.

Are you positive you aren't already studded?
That would be awesome if it already was and i was just to stupid to tell haha. But when i bought the truck they dealer is like a “diesel dealer guy” that’s all he sells and he’s a very good mechanic on the side. But he told me it only had the oil cooler and an egr done. But what i thought is if the oil cooler goes then most likely gonna blow gaskets and everything would be changed. I’m fairly new to the 6.0 life but I’ve had diesels for awhile. So I’m not very knowing when it come to telling if it’s studded or not. So i don’t know how to check.
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