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Took me a week to find all the part numbers and order them so I'm making it easier for the next at home mechanics. Long story short the dust seals on the dana 60 suck so I replaced them with the revised ones that are pressed into the axle housing (aka) revised. The hardest part of this job was getting the c clip out that is under the locking hub. I went through 3 pairs of pliers before i did one simple thing to a pair of $10 pliers i bought from home depot.

The tools I used for this job were:
3 ton jack
3 ton jack stands
1/2 drive socket wrench with standard size sockets
a sissy bar/ pipe to extend the wrench
fill size pry bar
thin pry bar
torx 27 bit
5mm (approx) allen key
2.5 lb hammer
Race and seal driver with extension for axle dust seal
a bench vise

lastly the much needed c clip pliers/ snap ring pliers

The seals I used were the revised ones parts number National 710701, or spicer 2014835

I followed this youtube video:

The biggest reason for this write up was how/ what to use for removal on the snap ring/c clip. I tried multiple ones including some cheasy ones, a pair of channel locks from home depot (bent the pins) and final got some cheap ones (Husky 8 in. Snap Ring Pliers-HSRPS8 - The Home Depot) from home depot made by husky. For the record i have heard snap on srpc9000a pliers and k tool KTI55123 pliers work as well. Ill have to post photos in another post because I cannot figure out how to do it on here. Essentially i took the grips off so they could over extend the handles, still to hard to keep the ring expanded and manipulate it so I thought maybe ill drill two holes to stick a small screw driver through to keep it open, and it went from taking me 3 hours to take off the first side to installing that same side in 2 minutes and doing the opposite side in about 30 seconds. Hope this helps!

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