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so my dads truck started acting up it sucked all of the coolant and there were no leaks so then it wouldnt start so we got it towed to the ford dealer which then, they said that they were going to replace the whole coolant system but then two days passed and they called saying they found a leak in a piston and that some other stuff that was wrong. they told my dad that they would repair everything for 15,000 dollars saying that we needed a monoblack/ whole new engine

now neither my dad nor me know anything about his ford
can someone tell me whats going on

okay i found out that the work that they are going to do is replace the long block replace the diesel and oil reproductor (not sure if thats what it is called) and the injectors the whole coolant system, the gaskets and reprogram the module all that for 13,300 dollars

the truck is a king ranch f-350 06 with 153,000 miles so its out of warranty and my dad still owes like 20,000 dollars on the truck.

oh and that morning and like 3 days before it white smoke would sputter out of the exhaust and the day before it wouldnt start it overheated
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