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5R110W forward drum

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I have been looking everywhere for a new 5R110W Forward drum for my 06 and can't find one anywhere. I talked to ford and they said in their data base they don't have one in the entire united states! Has anyone ran into this situation and if so what have you done? Smooth out the 28 teeth and run it? If so have you had any problems? The part number I'm looking for is U16554A.
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@[email protected] @[email protected] @voodooridr

Not sure, but these guys might be able to help.

Maybe a Pick-n-pull, U-Pull-It, or a junkyard?

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Is yours in bad shape? You can smooth the teeth some. I have an early trans laying around for parts if you need something.
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So I was told that you don't want to take any material out because it will chatter however, I just talked to another transmission tech and he said that the forward drum actually locks when putting it in gear so no chatter would be heard if you smooth down the areas. I'm going to give it a shot.
This is what I have now. you can see where the teeth of the steels made indentions


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It鈥檚 not the worst, they don鈥檛 travel but a few thousandths anyhow, clearance on that clutch is approx .050 iirc
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Thank you for the info I appreciate it.
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