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I just bought a 2006 F250 XL with 6.0 engine. The previous owner stated that he had to replace the transfer case shift motor a couple times in the truck. Of course 4x4 didn't work when I tried it.

We got the following codes from the scanner in relation to 4wd: C1728, P1866

When we put direct power to the motor it does switch in to 4x4. Does anyone have a diagram of what 4x4 is tied into on a 2006? I know theres a relay to the right of the drivers side battery and a control module near the glove box? The previous owner said he had a new 4x4 control module installed and programmed to the truck by ford. If that's the case I thought it strange that there was this wire with two leads butt connected and two extra leads cut running from these relays to the module? Doesn't seem like something the dealer would do.

Last bit of info that may be useful is the gauges do cut out from time to time in the truck. I understand it's an issue with solders in the cluster and it needs to be repaired. Is 4x4 tied into this cluster in any way on an 06 or is it only a matter of the switch, the relays, and the 4x4 module? I'm wondering if the cheap aftermarket motor doesn't work properly with the Ford Module?


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