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I have an 02 7.3 with a 4r100 transmission problem that's really got me stumped and I don't want to tear into it past the point of getting back together under the truck so in might at least limp it to a shop. Here is my questions...
1. Can I pull out just the manual valve without removing the entire valve body? And how would I tell if its sticking?
2. Is this the 2-3 shift valve? Or is that ...not it.
3. Can the entire valve body be replaced under the truck and all the ball check valves etc be correct or is that something you'd have to flip the trans over to keep them in place for reinstall?

I started out replacing the solenoid because it had no fwd or reverse movement in gear no matter how high the rpms Then just no reverse and no shift after about 45mph the rpms just rev higher. Now it has reverse with some delay it never had before but still no 2-3 shift. There are no dtc.
Sorry if this is not the info you need just ask....been a long day.
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