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Hey Guys! Need alittle help here. I had my 2002 7.3 Transmission totally go out on me yesterday and I have deceided to rebuilt it All I have on the truck is a stock TS tuner with 6637 air filter. I would take it to JW or BTS but i really don't have the money and I need it back like yesterday. However I have did my research and find myself pretty mechanically incline. So I have compiled a list or parts that I plan to replace and upgrade and just want to make sure I have everything. Also if you recommend anything else let me know!

Rebuild kit (Best Brand? Kinda wanna stick with Borg Warner plates though)
Transgo Tugger Kit
2-3 Transgo shifting valve
Transgo Lockup Kit
Transgo Accumumator valves
.427 Sonnax Line Valve
Thrust Washer Kit
Torque Converter (Best Brand?)
6.0 Tranny Cooler
JW OEM Input Shaft
JW OEM Intermediate Shaft
New Solinoid Pack
E4OD Forward drum with set screw tapped
New OEM Overdrive drum
Machined Center Support
Transmission pump hardened gears

Also, I know that JW gets an extra stock clutch plate in somehow. Does anyone know how this is done? Thinner steels? different pressure plate?
I will also have the truck retuned if needed.
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