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3rd gear WOT shift

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hey guys, I recently bought a 05 F250 with 85k and bone stock. i've been driving it for a little over a month and i had a hypertech tuner given to me which woke the truck up alot. about a week ago i noticed during a WOT acceleration from a stop, the truck when through 1st and 2nd but when it hit third it would not shift. rpms sat at 4000 until i lifted. i wasn't to sure what to think so i checked my fluids and checked for codes and only code i got was a p0487 for what looks like egr throttle position. Again tonight noticed the same thing, shifted up to 3rd then would hold 4k rpms. thought it was maybe in the tune so i removed the tune and re-drove. Same thing still holding 3rd gear. Re-checked codes again and i still have this p0487 in the stock tune. Anyone else ever had this problem? any input would be much appreciated.
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Sounds like trans is in limp mode.

The tow/haul isnt blinking? And did you service the transmission after you bought it ?

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No i havent serviced it yet, the fluid smells and looks healthy. And i havent had any lights come on. If it was in limp mode it wouldnt it give trouble shifting when cruising or slight accel. This is only at wide open acceleration.
Imo, even though the fluid looks and smells "ok" that it is in fact contaminated. I just don't trust the way fluid ever looks, i'll put a little more into what it smells like tho. I especially wouldn't think it's "ok" if you didn't service it after you bought it, who knows what the previous owner did or didn't do.

Limp mode is basically what you described, it won't get passed 3rd gear. However you don't have the tow/haul blinking so that doesn't match up with the symptoms, usually that light will blink often. Also, it won't give you any trouble shifting in limp mode, it should shift fine just not get passed 3rd gear. At leat that's my experience with limp mode. It should shift fine wot in limp mode also just won't go passed 3rd gear again.

It could be something completely different causing your trans to not get passed 3rd, I dunno. There aren't many 5r experts on this board. I'd some trans shops in your area and see if you can find anyone near you with 5r experience. If you're mechanically inclined and can get a trans jack you can swap one of these things out with a buddy and some bud light. Fairly straight foward, I had a trans shop on call but this forum is just as good for walking you through how to swap it out.
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are you saying you can shift into 5th and "6th" under regular acceleration but when you go wot it won't get passed 3rd? Just to clarify, because it reads to me that it won't get passed 3rd no matter what.
Normally driving it goes through all gears with no problems, just when i go from a dead stop at wide open throttle it gets to third and stays there until i get all the way out of it then i can keep going through the next set of gears.
I see, didn't initially read it like that. I dunno, good luck. here's a bump.
no idea as to a fix for the problem but i would get rid of that crappy programmer.
the programmer has nothing to do with your trans issues imo.
The problem was in the tuner all along, even though i unloaded the tune it wasnt setting truck back to original. Just had computer reflashed and updated and now it shifts back to normal.
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