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35 inch mudgrapplers on stock height/wheels

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just put these on my truck changed the look and made it look sweet. i put one pic of it with the other tires so you can see the difference. its scrubs on a full turn to the right but does not scrub on the left side.


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Looks much better. How loud are those things going up and down the highway?
yea they are loud, but i like the sound. the more they wear the louder they get
Pull the inner fender well (the carpeted fender lining) back with some zip ties and it won't rub any more :thumb: turn your wheel one way and u will be able to see where it's close, drill a little hole and run a zip tie pulling it back so it doesn't rub.
ok great cause this rubbing was killing me lol. i assume you had this same issue? it only does it on the right side
Definitely gives it a more aggressive look than the stock tires.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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