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22psi connected, 29psi disconnected - Wastegate need adjustment?

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Running JP on stage 1s and stock turbo.

With the redline disconnected, I can spin the tires on a pedal mash resulting in lots of black smoke and a SES light. The code is the standard wastegate controller malfunction. My gauge comes very close to 30 PSI

When i connect the red line, life is much slower. Mashing the pedal does not cause boost to raise as quick and there is no spinning of tires to be found. PSI maxes at just over 20 with sustained WOT.

Does this indicate a need for wastegate adjustment? Any thoughts on how many rotations are needed?
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no, this means your trucks doing what its supposed to be doing; protecting the turbo from overspeeding.

If you want more boost, get a chip. A chip wont blow your turbo or overspeed it; messing with the wastegate will.

First line in my post should have read DP, but wouldnt you assume the truck is chipped with stage 1s?
I guess I did overlook that (figured you meant jp8 or something stupid lol), but regardless if you cant get over 20psi w/ stage 1's and a tune, something is very wrong. I'd be looking for boost leaks, and sending your chip back for a reburn.
Or it could be the wastegate adjustment which brings us all back to my original post. Circularity.

There are no boost leaks. I hit and maintain ~30 psi without the wastegate connected which indicates strong boost (and a chip).
It is typically highly advised against adjust the wg on these. hell, my old bone stock minus intake/exhaust super duty could hit 25-ish psi w/ the wastegate unplugged... that means nothing. if the chip is doing its job, it shouldn't need the wg unplugged which will result in uncontrolled turbo speed and overspeeding.
If the wastegate is doing its job, i wouldnt have the symptoms I am.
Sure it does, the diaphragm loses elasticity over time and duty cycle. Regardless, I never indicated it just happened - that it was a sudden change. I'd bet it was messed with prior to my purchase. Regardless, its pretty easy to adjust (and return to current condition) to check for improvements.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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