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22psi connected, 29psi disconnected - Wastegate need adjustment?

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Running JP on stage 1s and stock turbo.

With the redline disconnected, I can spin the tires on a pedal mash resulting in lots of black smoke and a SES light. The code is the standard wastegate controller malfunction. My gauge comes very close to 30 PSI

When i connect the red line, life is much slower. Mashing the pedal does not cause boost to raise as quick and there is no spinning of tires to be found. PSI maxes at just over 20 with sustained WOT.

Does this indicate a need for wastegate adjustment? Any thoughts on how many rotations are needed?
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You basically have to screw it tighter two or three turns and see how it turns out. There no set number of turns.
If its not what you like, then screw it in some more.
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WG's can go weak. Mine did on my stock turbo. Spring can go weak and it will need adjustment. What kind of egts and smoke do you see with the line on the wg and then off the wg? I.still think you should adjust the wg and then see whats up. If the chip was weak or the tune was wrong, you would not see more boost with the line off the wg.

Killing time on here with my smart phone.... :)
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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