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2018 6.7 into 2011 F350 compatibility?

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I purchased a 2011 F350 6.7 with 106k miles which had an injector failure and caused catastrophic damage to cylinder 5. The previous owner had the CP4 and fuel lines replaced and injectors "cleaned", shortly after he did this the truck began knocking on cylinder 5. He claimed he stopped driving it as soon as the knocking occurred. When I purchased the truck it had balance and distribution issues on cylinder 5 so I went ahead and replaced #5 injector and updated the IQA. The truck now ran fine and no longer knocked at idle but still hand a random knock under certain throttle conditions. I ordered a smaller diameter borescope tip (should have done this from the start) and scoped the cylinder only to find major scoring on the cylinder walls and spray pattern marks on the piston top.

Long story short it needs, at the very least a short block.

In my searching for options have found a few newer engines available 2017-2019 with less than 50k miles for $6-7K which seems reasonable to me and still makes sense given what I gave for the truck.

My Question for all you 6.7 GURUS out there:

What needs to be done when swapping a 17+ 6.7 into a 2011 truck? I know the turbo and injectors are different and this would need to be accounted for in the tuning but what about hardware? Would it be as simple as installing the 2011 dual sensor fuel lines and keeping the 17+ downpipe or is there a long list of items I am missing here?

Note: this truck will be fully deleted, EGR will be removed entirely and the DPF is already gone. I am also considering installing a CP4 bypass kit to save the fuel system in the event of a future CP4 failure, any advice on this would be helpful too?

I do already have the cab pulled off of the truck and am ready to purchase a motor to make the swap.

Cab Off:

Piston Top:

90* lens on scope, cylinder wall shot:

The Truck:
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there is a decent article here with some good information.
You'd be better off doing a long block. Do the fuel contamination kit for a 2015 and the Turbo kit for a 2015.

Injectors are the same 11-18.

If you're interested, we can do all of this.

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I'm facing similar situation. Did you end up swapping to a newer 6.7? How did it go?
He hasnt been back in 3 years, but he may reply.
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